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J Brand

No description

Kristina Velkova

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of J Brand

J Brand Spring 2014
Emma Zilka & Kristina Velkova
May 1, 2013
FM 225 Term Project J Brand is a California-based company, featured in specialty stores and luxury retailers in more than 20 countries worldwide. J Brand set out to create timeless, classic and sophisticated jeans with an emphasis on fit and the inspiration to make a woman look and feel beautiful in her jeans. Following this mission, J Brand has achieved a winning combination of style and comfort. J Brand was the first American denim company to introduce and lead the skinny jean trend since it’s inception in 2005. Jeff Rudes, founder and CEO, launched J Brand in 2004 with a vision to create a jean that fit so perfectly it would follow the contours of the body. He launched the brand as an exclusive line at Ron Herman's Melrose jean bar in spring 2005. Customer Profile

The target market for J Brand includes women age 18- 45, that are interested in the quality and comfort of their denim. This consumer is very fashionable and appreciates designer brands, and exclusivity of fashion items.

We are giving our “fashionista” customers a special limited jean that’s only found at top retailers. Our customer recognizes this brand wherever she goes, whether on the streets or in the stores. These designer jeans are worn by celebrities and fashionable women for premium, high quality, comfort. When it comes to casual wear for women, jeans pants play an important role and it acts as the best garment in the casual wear section. Business Selection
This business was chosen because all women need denim jeans, as they are a necessity in casual wear today. Women will continually purchase a pair of jeans if the quality and fit complements their body type and size. When a woman finds the right pair of jeans, her confidence increases, leaving her walking around with an added pep in her step.
Our main goal is to make denim that flatters all body types and sizes, and that can cater to a woman from her early twenties into her late forties. We want the women who purchase our denim to feel great about herself, and admire the way she looks while wearing our product.
As people are wearing more casual looks day-to-day, the denim market continues to expand. We attract consumers who are fashion- forward and looking for comfort and quality in designer denim. Competition
J Brand denim top competitors, who also sell designer denim, include True Religion, Hudson, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, Seven For All Mankind, Paige, and Joe’s Jeans. Store Locations:
A Cluster – Western Stores
Stores located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, and Colorado.

These customers enjoy year long sunshine and warmth. They appreciate the array of silhouettes for their climate and they prefer lighter and brighter colors. •B Cluster –Eastern Stores Stores located in New York, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. The popularity of J Brand grew in the West, and began selling on the East Coast.

The stores which carry J Brand on the East see customers who enjoy the simplicity and quality of the denim. Customers appreciate a warmer selection of merchandise due to the cooler Spring weather. Based on previous sales, J Brand knows the customer on the East likes more fitted selects with darker hues. Advertising & Promotional Strategies: Approximate Allocated Annual Budget: $44,000

Percent break down:Co-op Advertising: 22%Ad Campaign: 19%Magazines: 34%Billboards: 22%Bloggers: 3% Co-op Advertising: Collaborating to do cross promotion and cross in store advertising with our partners in both clusters A & B will give us greater exposure and it will be more cost efficient. $9,500 Ad Campaign: Along with direct mailing we will have look book-catalogues made featuring our campaign that will be sent out in the mail. Due to hiring the right staff and printing these catalogues along with mailing the cost will accumulate to. $8,500 Magazines: Half page ads will be advertised in Nylon Magazine which currently stands at a of over 59,600 subscribers and 52,493,000 views on social media websites. Also a half a page will be run in V magazine, a fashion magazine that reported records of having readership of 315,000 alone as of 2010. Other local and national magazines like InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, etc. will also have our ads. This is a great investment and it will reach over 500,000 homes. $15,000 Billboards: Find locations with high traffic. This traffic will include our target customer plus new customer.$9,500 Bloggers: We are willing to allocate some of our budget to the most influential bloggers who our target customer follows to create buzz about our products . $1,500 Social Media: We will spend a lot of time on social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Google+, and whatever new invention comes along. Free
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