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John Lewis -- the five competitive forces

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on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of John Lewis -- the five competitive forces

2. Low threat of new entrance
Thank you!
Evidence 1: High barrier -- Great initial investment
All supplier
1. Low threat of Substitutes
Evidence : Substitutes come from Online shopping
Evidence1: Customer is price sensitive
Critical thinking
Five forces ? useful ?
Is there only competition between us?
Online shopping
Offline shopping
3. High threat of Competition
Evidence 1: Competitors have equal market share
4. Low threat of bargaining power of supplier
John Lewis' supplier
Evidence2: products are undifferentiated
5.High threat of bargaining power of consumer
Evidence 2: Competitors
are numerous and enormous
Introduction & Background
The home wares market is worth
11 bn
Dunelm has a
share up from
last year.

John Lewis has a
share now.
2.Products to
be different
--differentiation strategy
John Lewis -- Porter's five forces analysis
Porter’s five forces analysis
Home ware industry structure
conducting strategy
200807536 Shujingping Ran
200881514 Yiya Zhang
200908721 Jiabin Fang
200871170 Zijun Wang
200878461 Ziwei XU
200751989 Qingyu Xie

Outline of presentation
John Lewis performance
Critical thinking of theory
Evidence 2: High barriers
-- Need new and radical products
Top 10 UK Retailer
1. Top 10 UK Retailers Revenue 2012 Retailer Economic http://www.retaileconomics.co.uk/top-10-retailers/
2. October 17, 2012 by Katie Hudson
3. Infographic: Homewares market share By Tiffany Holland
4. http://www.retail-week.com/sectors/home-and-diy/dunelm-overtakes-john-lewis-as-top-homewares-retailer/5041218.article
5. PORTER,M.E.2008/1979.The five forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review, January, 23-41,.
Economic factors to company
2.interest rates policy
3.tax level
Retail growth:
0.3% in 2013
1.2%- 1.4% in 2014
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