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The Ever Evolving Job

No description

Neil Rankin

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of The Ever Evolving Job

1. Investing in Geographical Information Systems
Geographical Information Systems will be the most vital tool for Township Manager.
Township Manager and staff will need GIS training in order to create surveys and generate data.
GIS will provide trustees, commissions and committees information to make data driven decisions.
Township staff, contractors, SAGA will need to actively collaborate and collect data, building layers relevant to township needs.
Merging of past and present collected data will aid in creating a composite picture of the community.
Township Manager will utilize data from US Census Factfinder to project long term trends.
2. Using Social Media
Critical that Township Manager utilize social media to develop interactive relationship with residents.
Tool for emergency preparedness, alerts, events and promoting available services.
Township website will be a portal of government transparency.
Updated regularly; online newsletter, links, calender and videos.
Township Manager to empower departments to take an active role in community affairs by using social media.
Township Manager and staff will actively engage residents using software and applications.
3. Building Partnerships
Township Manager will maintain and build partnerships with other organizations such as state, county and township governments; non-profits, area businesses, local school districts, colleges and universities.
Facilitate partnerships with farmers, landowners and environmental groups to ensure quality of life for future residents (land use/conservation).
Actively involve elected/appointed officials in developing processes/partnerships to create win-win opportunities.
Create memos of understanding/interlocal agreements.
The Township Manager will need to be a calculated risk taker who is highly visible and wears many hats.
Township Manager will utilize data to focus on creating a continuum of education, housing and healthcare.
Work with trustees in identifying areas of needed improvement.
Develop paths to create healthy community; work with regional healthcare providers and Saginaw County Health Department.
Maintain high levels of home ownership rates, working with MSHDA, MEDC and Planning Commission to increase housing options.
Regularly update land use documents.
Utilize organizations such as Michigan Planning Association, MSU Planning & Zoning Center for training and guiding documents.
Township Manager will pursue grant opportunities in these areas to leverage limited dollars.
5. Streamlining The Process
Township Manager will ensure the planning, permitting and construction processes are streamlined by addressing steps, costs, forms, maps, requirements, time frames, contacts and review process.
Make collected data (GIS) available to residents and businesses, creating transparency.
Township departments work collaboratively to ensure residents, businesses and developers can navigate process.
Simplifying the process is the "Open for Business" sign.
The Township Manager will need to take steps in developing this process to attract and grow tax base.
Additional Steps
Identifying and prioritizing capital improvements within the township with staff and officials.
Focusing on creating standard operation procedures that address preventative maintenance and life cycles.
Identifying areas of consolidation & cooperation; DPW, fire and police protection.
Working with farming community, county and township officials in addressing concerns.
Partnering with farmers, business and institutions in developing regional food hub.
Promoting features unique to the township; parks, farmer market, events and amenities.
The Ever Evolving Job
Of Township Manager
The Future of Local Government Management
A vision of change by Neil Rankin
4. Developing A Solid Foundation
I would like to thank the Richland Township Manager Selection Committee for the opportunity to present my vision of the future as Township Manager.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this presentation further please contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with the appointed and elected officials of your community.

Thank you,

Neil Rankin

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