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How forces affect our daily lives.

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Shakira Hodgson

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of How forces affect our daily lives.

How forces affect our daily lives.
By Alya and Shakira.
Chapter one
A force is a push or a pull and it affects our daily lives because without force, people wouldn't be able to open and close stuff or lift up our arms or legs, or anything
Chapter 2
Force can affect in the following ways;
toward force that we apply to make a motion. Frictional acts automatically even when we make the slightest move.
Gravitational force keeps us from flying up in the sky.
Chapter 3
Examples of force abound in daily life. There is a force working all around us for example :-
1.When we walk, we put force on the ground.
2.When we push open a door we apply force on the door making it move
Chaper 4
4. If you push a ball it rolls applying force to it making it roll.
5. A moving bike is stopped when brakes are applied.
6. Squeezing wet clothes to make them dry.

Chapter 5
Every motion is related to a force. Everything is built up by atoms. Atoms have Electrons, Electrons move. Without force , the universe wouldn't exist.
How does force affect motion in our everyday life?
It allows you to walk for one. Gravity is a force. Friction and normal force both allow you to walk. you use force to open a door and do just about everything else that involves motion. Everything has mass and when it is accelerated, its a force.
Hope you enjoy this presentation!
Love ya guys!
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