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Our Products

No description

Go English Live

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of Our Products

English Classes
Blended Learning
Exams for Human Resources
This exam s done online and works with all the core competencies of English.
ESP classes
We create all onlne classes for business. They are instructional videos for our clients to use with the employees. They are usually 15 min long and come wth a short quiz. and a follow up class to make sure the students are well trained.
Education platforms for English
When a company has the need to teach industry specific English to their staff. We create an LMS for them , teaching their staff the English they need to do their job.
For the future
Exam preparation platform, for different exams
Spanish Clases
Blended learning
Skype classes
The way we give can can be easily adapted to work with students on Skype. It follows the basic principles of a normal class and the feeling a a face to face class is still transmitted with our Skype classes.
Our Products
Go English Live s growing and investing in lines of business to improve our portafolio.
Study on-line first
Class with the teacher
You can vizualize on different tools
Everyday English
Business English
New modern guide books
English proficiency
The interview is done online and taped
Our innovation pipeline
What's app English Course
Colombian city Expansion
Government certification
Offer work visas
Bogota, Cali, Villaviciencio, Cartagena, Baranquilla
Government grants
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