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Participation, Remediation, Bricolage

Writing about digital culture

Nikki Bradley

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Participation, Remediation, Bricolage

Not necessarily about what we do or talk about online
but more about the values and expectations such communicative acts refer to Particiption, Remediation, Bricolage Difficulties in writing about digital culture Step back in time Indymedia The Players Indymedia


Online Journalists Defining Digital Culture Bloggers There is a discussion on whether blogging can or should be considered a form of journalism - and whether journalists should be(come) bloggers (Deuze, 2005:69) Journalists Predictions from the past The Punch The Future? Time to stop thinking about platforms and focus on behavious as the platforms will continue to change.

Who is game to make a prediction on the future of digital culture?
How will growing up digital impact our culture?

Is there still a need to seperate definition of digital culture or is it so ingrained in our culture that there is no need to preface with the term "digital"? 1. Active agents in the process of meaning-making (we become participants)
2. We adopt but at the same time modify, manipulate, and thus reform consensual ways of understanding reality (we engage in remediation)
3. We reflexively assemble our own particular versions if such reality (we are bricolours)
(Deuze, 2005)
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