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Unit 31-Computer Animation-Tools in Flash

No description

Tom Reidy

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Unit 31-Computer Animation-Tools in Flash

Unit 31-Computer Animation-Tools in Flash
These can be displayed to the user to indicate that a file is being loaded. They are generally used for larger files which takes time to load or files uploaded to the web server as the animator does not know what equipment the user has and so cannot predict how long the file will take to open. Preloaders generally display a progress bar and can also have additional information such as, the title, the animators name, a short description and even a mini-animation.
Creating a symbol from scratch is just an easy as converting a graphic to a symbol. You create a new symbol by entering Symbol Editing Mode. The Symbol Editing Mode for each symbol type has its own special stage and timeline. Everything you can do to an object on the main timeline can be done in Symbol Editing Mode, too. You can have multiple layers, groups of any kind of objects, imported bitmaps and vector art.
A tweening animation smoothes out the changes in between two frames with a different content so the frames display in a flowing manner, not choppy as they would otherwise be with a frame by frame animation.
Symbols, tweeens and other assets are stored in libraries within animation software so they can be reused. Reusing assets means that the animator does not have to create the same thing over and over and also it means that there will not be any differences in assets that are meant to the same. For example, if an animator wants to have three butterflies flying up the screen, instead of drawing three butterflies thay can draw one and reuse it three times. This would mean that they were identical and would save time.
Control-Text Tool
In the Toolbar, select the Text tool. As in many other applications, it appears as a letter A in the toolbar. Before inputting the text on the stage, select the font, colour and size of the text you are about to create. To do so, go to the Properties Inspector, where you can select and modify the properties of the text you are about to create.
Control-Fill Tool
Set the Fill and Stroke colour of a shape-To set a fill or stroke colour for the shape you are to create, use the Properties Inspector's Fill and/or Stroke Colour Palettes. Alternately, you can access the same palettes in the Colours section of the toolbar. To assign a colour, simply click the colour swatch and, in the pop up colour palette, click a colour.
Control-Pencil Tool
The Pencil tool is used in much the same way that you would use a real pencil to draw. Simply select the tool and drag on the Stage to draw with the Pencil tool.
SHIFT key : Constrain directions

You can press the Shift key while dragging to constrain lines to vertical or horizontal directions.

You can specify the color with the Stroke Color Tool. You can apply smoothing or straightening to the lines by setting a Pencil mode.
Control-Shape Tool
You as the designer, use shape hints to achieve the desired outcome of your shape tweens animations. If you don't like the way your shape is morphing in Flash, you can edit the position of shape hints on either or both shapes until the morph animation meets your exceptions. Shape hints are an important feature of serious morphing.
A layer is a separate element of an image. When layers are viewed together, they become an amalgamation of the separate images. Layers are similar to the cells used in hand drawn animations, where transparent films are placed over each other to create a composite image.
When animating several assets, each asset must be on a separate layer.
To make animations more versatile scripting language can be used such as ActionScript in Flash. These can change a simple linear animation into one with more potential and can also allow user interactivity.
Each frame is numbered chronologically. In these frame cells, you create the frames for your movie. The actual frames you create can exist as keyframes, frames or blank frames. A keyframe is represented with a black circle and is used for changing the contents of a frame.
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