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principles of interactive media authoring, authoring

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daniel smith

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of principles of interactive media authoring, authoring

interactive media authoring
there are many ways you could use to design the product you are making, for example you can draw the design out on paper or use digital methods such as mybalsamiq which means that you can save your designs online and access them from anywhere. but there are also advantages to drawing your designs on paper because this means that you can draw shapes accurately and freely and not be limited by the features of the software which you are using.
conceptualisation/ planning
this is the first stage in creating an interactive media product, this is the stage where you must plan what the purpose of the product is and what features you want it to have. this is an important stage because the decisions here can affect the whole purpose of the final product.
there are a number of ways you can do this for example you can create a mood board to get an idea of the sorts of images and media you want to use.
tools used to create interactive media
there are a large variety of tools used to create interactive media that can produce media in a variety of different formats, these can include Mediator, Dreamweaver and flash. These products all create a vastly different product. Mediator creates an interactive series of pages that can be linked through a number of buttons that can be distributed through a number of methods such as a CD-rom, website or a flash document. Dreamweaver creates a website that can be accessed on any computer with a web browser installed and flash can create an animation which can be watched on any computer with the drivers installed.
principles of interactive media authoring
this is the stage at which you create all of the media and features you want to use in your product, there are a huge range of different pieces of software you could use for this purpose such as photoshop to create the images, banner and buttons you are going to use. this is one of the most important steps in creating your product because it will affect the whole appearance of your product.
in this stage you implement all of the assets you created in the creation step into one final complete product using a software of your choice. this is the final step in creating your product before you test it and then review and evaluate it.
in this stage you must test the many parts of your product to make sure that they all work in the correct way, if any parts do not work correctly then you must fix the problem before you give the product to the user.
review and evaluation
finally you must evaluate your work, you do this to see if you have achieved your goal and to see if your product fulfills its purpose.
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