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The White Umbrella

The White Umbrella presentation

Becca and Namita :)

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The White Umbrella

She is ashamed to have her mother working
She desires the white umbrella
She wants to "fit in"
She wants to earn dignity
Doesn't want pity
Bossy to her sister, Mona Presentation By:
Namita Rao and Becca Porter Characters:
Ms. Crosman Story By: Gish Jen Mona:
younger sister of narrator
not as troubled by their mother's decision to work
does not play the piano very well
not insecure like her sister Ms. Crosman:
pities the narrator
always wanted children but never got married
gives the umbrella to the narrator
wanted to act like the narrator's mother Mom:
believes that having a job will support their family
says, "One beam cannot hold the roof up."
earns the second income- is a check-out clerk at the A & P
late to the piano lesson
bad driver
she believes in hard work and being self-sufficient The significance of "The White Umbrella":
In the beginning of the story, the white umbrella represents dignity and fitting in with Eugenie Roberts, but at the end, the significance of the umbrella changes to the narrator's rejection to her mother. The White Umbrella Significance The white umbrella represents dignity and fitting in with Eugenie Roberts in the beginning of the story. In the text, the narrator states that she wants to dangle the umbrella on her wrist like the other girls. This shows that the narrator wants to fit in and have dignity like other girls and Eugenie who own the umbrella. Summary:
The White Umbrella is about a girl who is ashamed of her working mother. She is obsessed with a white umbrella she sees at her piano lesson and desires to own it. When Ms. Crosman, her piano teacher, awards it to her, she wishes that Mrs.Crosman was her mother. A car accident occurs when the narrator and her sister, Mona, fight over the umbrella. The narrator sees that her mother has closed her eyes. The narrator think that she is dead, but the mom is just closing her eyes in frustration of her terrible driving skills. She then learns a very important lesson and throws the umbrella down a sewer. In the end, the umbrella represents the rejection to her mother. When Ms.Crosman gives the narrator the umbrella, the narrator wishes Ms.Crosman was her mother. This shows that the narrator rejected her mother by saying that she wishes Ms.Crosman was her mother.Later on, after the car accident, the narrator hides the umbrella from Mona and her mother, showing that she was guilty of accepting the umbrella which shows that her guilt was due to her rejection of her mom. Setting: The story takes place at Mrs Crosman's house and in the car when they end up in an accident. Rising Action:
The rising action is when the narrator told Ms.Crosman that she wishes she were her mother. Turning Point = car accident. Falling Action
The falling action is when the narrator thinks her mother is dead. Resolution:
The resolution is when the narrator changes feelings about the umbrella and throws it down a sewer. Theme
It's okay to be different and you should always be yourself. You have to be grateful for what you have and who you are and you have to be true to yourself and your family. Theme:
The theme is that you have to be true to yourself and your family and that you should be grateful for what you have and who you are. THE END The White Umbrella Story By: Gish Jen
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