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No description

Linn Tromborg

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of USA

When I say "USA", you say...??
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
A topic about the "United States of America"
Todays texts: "Welcome to the USA" + "The States"
Questions to answer:
How many states are there in the USA?
Do you know any names?
Which state is the biggest?
How many people live in Rhode Island?

Todays Texts:
"Indians – the first americans"
& "English settlers"


When did the Indians come to America?
Where did they live?
How did Europeans treat the Indians?
Can you still find Indians in America today

What were the English men looking for?
How did they make money?
In 1619 they brought people to Virginia, what were they?
Name the two biggest reasons people moved to America
What is a colony?
Todays texts:
"Birth and growth of The United States" & "Washington, D.C and the president"

When did the United States of America become its own country?
Why did the colonies want to be their own country?
What happened between 1776 and 1783?

What was the name of the first president in America?

Where does the president live?
What is the name of his plane?

For how long can the president, stay president?
Give an example of how powerful the president is - what can he do/decide?
Who makes the laws for all americans?
What are these laws called?

Todays texts: "The civil war" & "Black America"


Why and how did the blacks come to America?
What were the slaves used for?
How were the slaves were treated?
Why did the civil war break out?
Who won the war?
What happened to the slaves when the war was over?
How was the black treated in the South after slavery was ended?
What is it like for african americans today?
Why do you think Martin Luther was shot?


Why do people move to America? What are they looking for?

Where are most immigrants from?

What have the immigrants brought with them?
Todays text: The land
In spirit of american school tradition to end our topic about the United States of America we are gonna have a "multiple choice" test...

What did you learn??
1. We read and translate the text

What is the nature and weather like in USA?

Name different animals that lives in USA.
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