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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Sam Amphlett evaluation

sam Amphlett

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of What have you learned from your audience feedback?

What have you learned from your audience feedback? From the very beginning when generating ideas for our short film we received feedback. Our initial idea was
to create a mockumentary
on a man who has "nubs"
(man with no hands) Our teacher thought that the idea was inappropriate. we also had a discussion wtih the class to see their view on the idea. The majority of the class thought it was a good idea, but could be slightly offensive. so as a group we discussed on how to make our initial idea less offensive and more appealing to an audience, so we receive a more positive audience feedback.
If the film is to offensive the audience wont like our final product and wont want to watch the film again. this would destroy the whole concept of making a film. This is when our group decided to do chirophobia
which is the fear of hands. we then again discussesd this idea with our class and teacher and they thought this was a more appropriate subject. One of our teachers thought we would struggle to make a mockumentary as the conventions of a documentory were hard to make humorous. when the final product was finished we had multiple classes
view our film. The response we got from the classes was all positive feedback, apart from they said a few frames were to short but we manage to change this. The teachers were surprised and happy that we managed to pull of all the conventions but also make it humouros To tone down offensiveness we started looking into phobias. We found a phobia of hands called "chirophobia" we liked this one as it is very similar to our initial idea, but less offensive. which is what we wanted. the final product was put on to and On facebook we received multiple likes. and various comments
commenting on how impressed they were with the final film. we have also received a comment on you tube
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