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The Hero's Journey

This is a Prezi of ultimate amazingness.

Emma C.

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

Crossing of the First Threshold
Tiffany crosses the threshold into the world of adventure when she enters Miss Tick’s tent. Miss Tick is a witch who guards the realm of magic from those who mean harm, like the Queen. She takes her position very seriously, and does not let just anyone in.
“’Who’s there?’
‘Tiffany,’ said Tiffany.
‘Tiffany who?’ said the voice.
‘Tiffany who isn’t trying to make a joke.’
‘Ah. That sounds promising. Come in.’”
From here, Tiffany learns of magic and begins her journey to rescue her brother.

Supernatural Aid
Miss Tick gives Tiffany a toad (formerly a lawyer) to aid her on her quest.
“’It’s unfair to leave her alone with them [the Nac Mac Feegle],’ said the toad.
‘She won’t be alone,’ said Miss Tick. ‘She’ll have you.’
‘Oh,’ said the toad.”

The Hero's Journey
The Call to Adventure
When Tiffany's brother, Wentworth, is captured by the Queen, Tiffany must journey through a foreign world of dangers and perils to save him. In addition, Miss Tick's toad informs her of impending doom. "Another world is colliding with this one...All the monsters are coming back." The toad says there's no one to stop them.
"'There's me,' said Tiffany."
Tiffany faces many trials and obstacles on her way through the Queen’s world. The Queen’s world, which is essentially the Road of Trials itself, poses many threats to the safety of Tiffany and her friends. One of these obstacles is the dream world. Dreams, created by creatures called dromes, ensnare unknowing travelers. In order to escape from a dream, you must find and kill the drome who created the dream. The drome is hidden somewhere in the dream, and chopping off its head usually takes care of it. Another trial Tiffany faces is Roland. Roland was captured by the Queen about a year before Tiffany’s brother was taken, and he is a stubborn, pigheaded boy. He is quite selfish and stupid, as he demonstrates in the following scene:
“’She won’t let you!’ Roland started to back away again.
‘Please don’t be so…so stupid,’ said Tiffany.”

Road of Trials
Tiffany gets trapped in a dream created a drome. The dream is of a ballroom, and there are tons of extravagant foods. Having grown up on a farm, there was little money for cakes and puddings, and Tiffany is mesmerized by all the lavish foods. If you eat or drink something in a dream, you stay there forever, and just as Tiffany is about to try a slice of exotic cheese, the Nac Mac Feegle invade the dream and rescue her.
Tiffany travels into the abyss and faces her biggest fear when she confronts the Queen to rescue her brother. Tiffany meets the Queen in a dream, through which they traverse to reach the Queen’s castle. In the castle, the Queen teases and makes fun of Tiffany. Her words create a “fog” in her brain. Tiffany’s thoughts become muddled and Tiffany begins to lose her fight against the Queen, as they are fighting with words rather than fists.
Into The Abyss
After Tiffany gets the knowledge of the chalk and the dogs defeat the Queen, Granny Aching comes down from the sky in a larger-than-life vision. Tiffany sees her grandmother in a fancy shepherdess’s dress, smiling and proud, and when she sees Tiffany, she removes her pipe from her mouth and gives a little nod. Tiffany knew that this was her grandmother’s way of giving a huge round of applause.
Tiffany sees a star zigzagging through the sky. She feels herself falling into a now-long-gone ocean, and remembers. She remembers how the Chalk was formed and how the land was alive. She is the Chalk. She realizes everything is hers to protect and she has a duty to her people and the Chalk to save them. Then, electric resurrections of her grandmother’s dogs, Thunder and Lightning, come down from the heavens and scare off the Queen. The dogs work together to herd the storm, and chase off the monsters.
When Granny Aching nods at Tiffany, she realizes that her grandmother accepts her and is proud of her. Later, after she has defeated the Queen, when she is talking to Miss Tick and the other witches, she is fully accepted by all as the new witch of the chalk, and she has finally started to fill her granny’s shoes.
Meeting with the Goddess
The Wee Free Men
The Ultimate Boon
After defeating the Queen, Tiffany rescues Roland and her brother and returns them to her world. Also, she has prevented monsters from invading her world.
Crossing of the Return Threshold
After Tiffany bests the Queen, she gives her one last warning: “Stay away from here. Never come back. Never touch what is mine.” Then Tiffany leaves the dream world to return home with Roland, Wentworth, and the Nac Mac Feegle.
Master of Two Worlds
Now Tiffany is a witch and a shepherdess, and has the task of making cheese and keeping the Chalk safe. She is also still the temporary kelda of the Nac Mac Feegle, because the old kelda died and named Tiffany the new leader. Although she returns to her old life, she can still see the Nac Mac Feegle, and they help her every day.
By Emma Cohn
Sophie Lopez
Maren Klineberg
Audrey Adamchak
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