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2B Establishing a Culture for Learning

Talks about my "Raising the Bar" approach that I am taking in my 8th grade math classes.

laura pearcy

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of 2B Establishing a Culture for Learning

How do require students to
Raise the Bar? Positive Parent Contact?
What is that?!?! The Brainstorming Began...
How can I reach these students? The Birth of "Raising the Bar" I had to come up with a saying/concept that the students could by into.

All the students had seen someone jumping hurdles or the high jump.

So I presented them with a picture... It is one thing to say "Hey you need to Raise the Bar" and another to actually require them to step up and meet their goals. Too often we spend time contacting the parents of students who are not doing their work. The students who do what they are supposed to get ignored in the positive reinforcement department.

So my plan? How do we
Raise the Bar
with our
students? Term 2 End Product

2B: Establishing a
Culture for
Learning By: Laura Pearcy Then students were switched
around and the culture changed... The
video tape
happened! Why did I chose this
domain component? Try hard because it is the beginning of the year and want to impress the teacher.
They viewed the new
year as a clean
slate. Tried to do the least amount of work possible. They came in with the attitude of "I don't like math and I will never like math" In the beginning of the year I had a balance between two types of students that... A few students with negative attitudes were taking over the culture. Students would rather not try than to try and look "stupid" in front of some of the more vocal students. Less students were
involved in their learning. Only a few students were completing assignments. A small percentage of students were reaching the goals I set for them. I explained I was going to video tape them to see what are the characteristics of those who are meeting high expectations and those who are not. The Surprise:
I secretly recorded them so they wouldn't act like angels. I wanted a true representation of how they behave. I let the students know that they were recorded and we watched clips of the video. The students discussed what they saw and had a mini "A-HA" moment that their attitude towards learning needed to change. 1st Then Ta-Da *Failed
*Tried but didn't succeed
*Works hard but still struggles
*Hasn't quite "got it"
*Makes Mistakes
*Needs some help *Lazy
*Class Clown
*Not Trying
*Asking for Attention
*Trying to get out of work
How does this picture symbolize your attitude towards math? Your classmates attitude towards math? *Success
*Works Hard
*Does their assignments
*Studies for tests
*Pays attention in class
*Feels good about math
*Over achiever Some people would rather not try than to try and have someone see them fail. Who is closer to becoming the person in the center?
Those who try but fail or those who do not try at all? Riddle me this? Students receive "Homework Updates" that are sent home to parents. Students have to get the updates signed by their parents.

Students also have to maintain
a notebook. Accountability for Homework and Classwork Homework Completion is UP! Students HATE having their parents find out that they are not doing their work. They will make sure they attempt the homework so that they do not receive the parent contact home. If the students do not have the form signed I put a note into pinnacle and once they reach three assignments incomplete I make a phone call/email home. Parent Contact Forms I choose a couple students from each class to fill out these forms to send home to their parents. I announce the students in front of the class and explain why they are receiving the post card. If their parents let me know that they saw the post card then the student is entered into a drawing.

Students have enjoyed having something positive to send home instead of the negative phone calls or emails. With the use of the resources on Moodle and discussing methods that have worked with other teachers in my building I have come up with this "Raising the Bar" approach. It has been a bumpy road that has not been immediately greeted with open arms. I am trying to undo years of internal dialog that they cannot succeed in math. Students are starting to transition into the new system of "Raising the Bar" I have students that take pride in their work and are motivated to push themselves to work on harder problems What is in the future for Domain 2B? Try more programs to improve the learning culture. Get other teachers to join the programs to create a more consistent approach.
Try to get 100% of the students on board!!
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