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Do beauty pageants cause more harm than good?

No description

Monique Martin

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Do beauty pageants cause more harm than good?

Babies Are Not Barbies

The attitudes of the women, children, and moms in pageants are so much different from ours. There are three year old in these pageants! You may have heard of toddlers and tiaras or here comes Honey booboo. In these shows the girls are on an emotional roller coaster. At one point, they are exited, but once they get farther into it they become unhappy. These little girls and women have a very fragile self-confidence. People may think that they are getting a better view of themselves, but that is wrong. When they win, they are happy beyond belief, but if they lose they become devastated and let themselves think they are not beautiful. In beauty pageants, the kid’s moms are not moms. They are managers. They are so money hungry that they are willing to force their children into the pageants. Sometimes the moms train their girls like dogs. They give them a routine for the pageant. They take their girls in for spray tans, and they pack their faces with makeup. The girls and women go through the pain of putting on loads of makeup every day for a TIARA. All of the terrible things that happen to them are sometimes awarded with a tiara and a sash. They grow up thinking that they are better than everyone else. This is terrible.
Terror attitude.
The Wrong Concept of Beauty!

We think beauty pageants do more harm than good! They can ruin lives forever! Beauty pageants can give the wrong concept of beauty. Natural beauty pageants are good and you get to show off your talents, but sadly the most popular kind is glitz pageants. Glitz pageants are all about unnatural beauty, like spray tans and makeup. They teach you that outer beauty is the most important beauty. Instead of wanting to pursue their dreams and talents, young girls decide to spend all their time on looking as pretty as possible. This doesn’t only affect kids, it also affects grownups. Instead of going to college and working really hard to get a good job, some women join the glitz pageant world and try to make money of their looks. Also after seeing beauty pageant winners, girls might become insecure about how they look like. Some moms from toddlers & tiaras have said beauty pageants changed them and made them worry and stress about their children’s looks more than their child’s education or happiness! On toddlers & tiaras a mother might have her child taken away because of what she puts her through. These pageants are wrong and bad!

Thank you for Listening!

Cons of Plastic Surgery for Beauty pageants
When you hear of plastic surgery, what do you think of it? A Hollywood star trying to delay the effects of aging? People who want to change their body and don’t feel good about them? One example why you should not have plastic surgery is because god made you the way you are, and he wants you to stick like that. Another reason is because everyone is going to age in one point of their lives and once the work is done they have to continue to keep it up as they get older. I mean think about it they spend at the minimum $5000 to get a face lift they can’t buy things they actually need. Have you heard about Michael Jackson? When you get to many face lifts it can damage your face and make you look scary. This is not that bad, but now and day’s younger kids to the age of 6 are even getting plastic surgery. Scientist has shown that you should at least 18-21 years old before you get any plastic surgery. However many parents that have their children in beauty pageants force their kids to have it. many people are unaware of how dangerous these procedures can be and once they know about these risks they are able to better judge if it really worth it. Thank you!

hair extensions

false eyelashes
eye contacts
tons of makeup
fake teeth
spray tans
too much hairspray
plastic surgery
fake smile
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