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Blackboard Awards 2015

No description

Anna Ruff

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Blackboard Awards 2015

What can you do in very little time?
What saves time for users?
What gives
the course

How can you direct students' time?
What is worth putting more time into?
Add a colour theme
Include your contact details
Add a brief sentence
accompanying a resource
when you upload it
Attach to an item instead
of uploading as a file
Add in menu headings
to subdivide the course
A clear overall structure - set up in
advance so users know where they
will find future resources
All course information in one place -
module outline, learning outcomes,
assessment information, past papers
Regular, informative
Lecture slides available
in advance
Twitter Feed or Discussion Board allows
students to contribute fresh content, and
interact with staff and each other
Provide links for
additional reading
Suggest activities to prepare
for taught sessions
Recorded lectures allow
students to re-visit content
Once created,
self-assessments can be
re-used, in whole or in part
Using images and a course banner
creates a good first impression
Video tutorials
Use Creative Commons sources
to find images
Quizzes or other activities
to follow up taught sessions
For good copyright practice, link to journal articles and online documents instead of uploading
Students value courses where it is
evident the lecturer cares.
There are some quick wins...
Students praise courses where they
can quickly find the content they need
Students engage with courses where lecturers provide regular input and updates
Students are grateful for courses that support their learning beyond the taught sessions
Students may nominate a course for a particular feature
that makes it stand out
Blackboard help is available at:

Contact ILIaD if you would like to speak with a learning designer
about developing your course

Look out for Blackboard workshops for your Faculty, coming soon!
timely tips from 2015's shortlisted courses
Time to get started?
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