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Gabby Douglas

gabby douglas

liz brock

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Gabby Douglas

Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas Early Life Gabby was hanging from her crib as a baby.Her mother didn't want her to break her neck,so she put her in gymnastics. Then, as gabby went through gymnastics, she sacraficed many things like family and friends. From acomplishing many things she has made her way to were she is now. About Gabby Born on December 31,1995 Gabby Douglas is known as an olympic gymnast champion.Gabby was born in Virginia Beach,Virginia Gabby started gymnastics at age 3. At age 4 a state champion. Gabby Douglas has won many gold medals. Her worst part is bars . She could never get it till she practiced all the time everyday. Gabby keeps in touch with her family by email and Skype on her own time, when she has some. Symbolis Gabby is a hard working olympic star. She is the one who got the USA gymnastics team to the olympics.She was one of the best gymnast in the olympics. When training one summer her mom sent her to live with her coach to be better at what she does. She stayed in touch with her family and had much experience from learning with her couch. She has learned everything she needs to to be a gymnast olympic star and forevermore everyone will never forget the incredible things she has done in her life. Gabby's education Gabby Douglas went to school at Salem High School, home of the Sundevils. She was home schooled for a while so she had time for gymnastics. She had a good education in both gymnastics and school wise . An olympic star G D Getting in to Gymnastics Into Olympics G Keeping in touch
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