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Hemispheric reactions to the events in Europe

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Nina H

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Hemispheric reactions to the events in Europe

Franklin Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy

Background Info:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued the foreign policy in 1933 toward Latin American countries
No more intervention from U.S.
U.S. troops withdrawn from foreign (Latin American) soil
However, had continued influence in Latin America
For example:
Financial supervision
Bank loans
Support local leaders
Placed interests in Western hemisphere

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U.S. Marines left Haiti and Nicaragua.
America lessened influence in Cuba and Panama
US defended Western hemisphere from Europe and Asia
Improve relations with Central and South America
Policy used for increasing trade
The policy was very successful because it improved America's image to Latin America
Showed how U.S. committed to non-interventionism
Western Hemisphere was reasonably unified around 1939
Good Neighbor policy was not a "push over" policy:
Mexico seized American oil properties (1938).
Oil companies wanted armed intervention.
However, in 1941, FDR settled the issue by following his policy
U.S. oil companies suffered from the losses
Pan-American Security Zone
Havana Act of 1940
Permanent Joint Board on Defense
Act of Chapultepec 1945

Inter-American Diplomacy
Hemispheric reactions to the events in Europe: Inter-American Diplomacy; Cooperation and Neutrality; Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy, its Application and Effects (1933-1945)
"I would dedicate this nation to the policy of the Good Neighbor" -FDR
What is the conveyed message by the political cartoon?
Cooperation and Neutrality
Canada would support Britain in war
Declared war on Germany 10/9/1939 a week after UK declared war
The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)
played a crucial role in winning the Battle of the Atlantic
maintained sea lanes to help Britain against German submarines

The United States
Latin America
Pan-American Security Zone
Declaration of Panama 1939
signed by both North and South America
established a Security Zone surrounding the Americas
The Security Zone was about 300-1000 miles past the shores
Within the Zone, no belligerent acts were aloud
Helped British convoys pass through safely
Havana Act of 1940
Second Meeting of Consultation of Foreign Ministers met in Havana in July 1940
If European changes in sovereignty posed a risk to the Americas, then it was agreed that they would join together in order to protect each other
Permanent Joint Board on Defense
Act of Chapultepec 1945
Joint action in order to prevent attack on an American state by foreign nations
If one country in the Americas is attacked, then all other countries of the Americas will attack
Based on this image, what was one of the roles that Latin American countries played during World War II?
The United States
Neutrality of Act 1935
prohibited exports of war supplies from the US to foreign countries at war
Neutrality Act of 1937
US citizens were forbidden from traveling on belligerent ships
◦Merchant ships were prevented from transporting arms to belligerents
Neutrality Act of 1939
European democracies could only buy American war materials on a "cash and carry basis"

Canada cont.
The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
Helped Allies gain air superiority
Home Front
Massive production in the wartime industries (such as warships and artillery)
◦Farms produced a tremendous of meat, grain, and produce to help keep Canada, Britain, and the Allies fed and fighting.
Made by:
Samuel Cimeni, Jenna Boatman, Jackie Atwood, & Nina Hakimioun
Period 3

Latin America
Part of Anti-Comintern Pact since 1935
1936: Backed Germany and its Allies
1944: Broke up diplomatic ties with Germany and Japan
1939: U.S.-Brazil Agreements on mutual cooperation and economic assistance
1942 Broke up diplomatic ties with Germany and Italy
also declared war on Germany and Italy
U..S. gave money and materials in exchange for using Brazil's bases
Neutral in the early years of world war II
Barely participated in war with Germany, Japan and Italy
Neutral at first
1943: broke ties with Axis Powers
1941: Colombia cut ties with Germany, Italy, and Japan
1943: declared war on Germany
Us gave grants and imported materials

Good Neighbor Policy political cartoon
What message is being conveyed by the political cartoon?
The United States cont.
Destroyers for Bases Deal in 1940
In exchange for 50 WWI American destroyers, Britain gave us 99 year leases to establish military bases in the Western Hemisphere
Lend-Lease Act in 1941
The US gave war supplies to the Allies
On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
Ended America's neutrality
What does this political cartoon say about the image that America portrayed due to its Neutrality Acts?
Canada and the United States formed the Permanent Joint Board on Defense on August 17,1940
Joint defense of North America against foreign nations
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