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Irene Csillag

No description

Kayla Belcher

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Irene Csillag

Irene Csillag- Holocaust Survivor
Concentration Camp
At the arrival of the camp Irene, her mom and sister were sent to the right where their heads were shaved and they were given barracks while her grandparents, uncle and pregnant aunt were sent left and immediately gased.
Transportation to Danzig
Irene and her sister were transferred to a third camp called Danzig where they worked in ammunition factories and conditions here were only slighty better. The war was coming to an end but the Nazi's continued running from the American's and Russian's, dragging them along.
Early Life
She was born in 1925 in Satu Mare which happened to be Romania at the time. Hungary gained control in 1945. Irene lived with her mother, father and sister, Olga who also survived the holocaust. Irene attended school until high school but was unable to finish.
Hungary's Control
Conditions worsened for Irene and her family and in early 1944 when they were forced to move into the ghetto. They lived in a home with her grandparents and cousins until May of 1944.
Life Inside Camp
Every day twice a day Irene, her mom and sister went to roll call no matter how bad the conditions outside were. One day people had to be tattooed with a number and they had to start a "selection" process were the three of them were deported to the camp Stutthof by cattle car.
Irene worked in the bathrooms and kitchen here and it had the same set up as Auschwitz but smaller. Her mother died on a cold winter night but no one had told her until the next day. She was determined to keep herself and her sister alive.
In May they were ordered to march through the town to get on the railways. They were told they were traveling to Debrecen, a hungarian city not to far from them. Irene's family was actually going to the concentration camp of Auschwitz. Her family rode the train in cattle cars for 3-4 days; where conditions were so bad her sister's friends died on the way
Liberation and After War
Irene and her sister were fed , sent to hospitals and went to school while in the care of the British but soon moved back to Germany where she met her husband, Ede. Irene and her husband moved around Europe many times but finally settled in Montreal, Canada with their daughter and son.
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