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Willow and Ashley

No description

Mr. Parke

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Willow and Ashley

Mars One's mission
Mars one is an organization based in the Netherlands that has proposed to have the first human on mars. They have also established a permanent human colony there by 2024 . This project started in May of 2012 .
How much its costing.
It is costing MARS ONE about $6 billion dollars to do this trip. Many criticized that the projects $6 billion budget is too low to successfully transport humans to mars ,to the point of being delusional. A similar project study by NASA is estimated to cost about $100 billion budget although this inclueds transporting the astronauts back.
Selection qualifications
You must be the following :
Trustworthy and Trusting
Creative and Respectful
Above the age 18
A2 English level
Relatively healthy
The selection process consists of four rounds, resulting in international crew of up to 6 groups of four.
Astronauts training
MARS ONE teams of prospective mars inhabitants will be prepared for the mission by participating full time in an extensive training program. This will be there full time, paid job. The training is split up into there programs;technical training,personal training ,and group training .
Willow and Ashley
Our mission to mars
What we will do on mars.
The Technology
The transit vehicle will consist of two propellant stages , a binding module and transit habitat. The transit habitat will be a small space station compared to the large ISS module . The water tanks and other storage will be used to create a radtional shelter that will also function as crew sleeping quarters . MARS ONE will chose the right launch supplier from existing,experienced companies .
That is a little about our trip to mars!

People we will take.
leisure and personal time
Who Willow is taking :
mom People we
dad are both taking : doctor,
brother 2 scientist .
Ashley (obvious)
2 friends
Who Ashley is taking:
willow (obvious)
two friends
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