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Narrative Poetry

No description

André Beriau

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Narrative Poetry

Narrative Poetry
Like short stories, narrative poems usually follow the
basic pattern of plot development
Narrative Poem Hints
Narrative Poetry
Narrative Poetry
When writing a narrative poem, a lot is up to you...
Today's Assignment:
Narrative Poetry
Ask yourself these questions to determine if it is a Narrative Poem:

Does it tell a story?
Are there characters?
Are there specific events?
Is there a problem and a resolution?
Narrative Poems tell about a person or an event. Narrative poems can rhyme. These poems use poetic devices and descriptive language. Narrative Poems are like short stories in that they have a character or characters and tell a story.
A Narrative Poem has characters and uses descriptive language to attract the reader.
A Narrative Poem tells a story or recounts events.
The primary goal of a Narrative Poem is to tell a story in verse where the poetry and the story balance each other.
IMPORTANT: while a story usually solves the conflict, a narrative poem
usually ends before the action is resolved.
This type of poetry
may present an unsolved
mystery/ situation.
Point of View
The speaker (young, old, female, male, etc.)
Your purpose (entertain, educate, inform)
A theme: The
Central Topic
a Poem/Story presents.

8 stanzas of 4 lines each
Consistent rhyme scheme throughout the poem
Must have a clear: Plot with a conflict
One other example of figurative language
You will write your own narrative poem. Before you do, review the tips on the narrative poem Prezi about just what a narrative poem includes.
As a Class:
Read: On Turning Ten by Billy Collins
Think/Independent: Record your answers.
Think about the Poem
What story does it tell?
How does the narrator feel about turning ten?
What poetic devices does the poet use?

Pair/Partner: One partner records the answers
Discuss the following with your partner
Who is the narrator?
Where does the poem take place (setting)?
What poetic devices did your partner find?
Where are elements of Narrative Poems?

Share/Discuss: Partners discuss their answers with the class.
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