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Antoni Gaudi: Architect and Designer

Lori Finch

Lori Finch

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Antoni Gaudi: Architect and Designer

Antoni Gaudí June 25,1852 Spanish Catalan Architect Architecture
Love of Catalonia
Nature Inspiration Craftmanship Ceramics
Wrought Ironwork
Stained Glass Designing Process Preferred three dimensional models over detailed plans Orientalist Period Extreme use ceramic tiles as decoration
Moorish arches, columns of exposed brick in the shape of domes Inspired by the Middle and Far Eastern Art, including India, Persia, and Japan Neo-Gothic Period Inspired by the Medieval Gothic Art
The Palace of Astorga reflects the Medieval Gothic style with gray stone and cylindrical towers Casa Vicens Naturalist Period Final Period Inspired by nature
Utilized more creative freedom and an imaginative ornamental style
Main project was Parc Güell with intent to be a residential estate with an English garden city style Bishop's palace of Astorga Parc Güello His Masterpiece: La Sagrada Familía
Culmination of all his work
Balance between ornamental and structural styles
Highly symbolic showing a strong religious theme with sculpture Hyperbiloid vault
From structure of the branching of trees Reus, Spain Interested in the force of nature on the surface Branching allows for a more stable support system human body Three Primary facades Highly symbolic religious theme Nativity Facade Passion Facade Glory Facade June 7, 1926 Barcelona, Spain Death Lori Finch
June 28,2011
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