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Jack from LOTF

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Jack from LOTF

W, Laughlin-Jack-1
He was tall, skinny and bony with red hair and freckles. He was wearing a cloak at first so he look intimidating to the boys. " He saw a tall fair haired boy under the cloak" page 20
Action 2
Jack suggesting to us in the beginning that he wanted to be chief which is showing us that he wants power. He thinks that he is higher that the others. "I ought to be chief" page 22
Action 3
This time Jack is showing us that he is power hungry. Even though jack is only the leader of the hunters he is taking that job very strictly and is using the power that he has to the maximum. "Come on, said jack we are explorers now" page 25
Action 1
Jack portrayed him self at the beginning as strong and as an alpha male but as we when farther into the book we realize that he has a kind of soft side to him. After he was put in charge of the hunt he was hunting and saw a pig and could have stabbed it but could not because he was empathetic toward it which was against what he seemed to be. "he raised his arm and hesitated" page 31
The End
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