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Coursework (future Tollcross)

This is the prezi file dispalying all my reaserch, ideas and image's used to create my futuristic image.

Scott Remy

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Coursework (future Tollcross)

Theme Ideas Cracked road (earthquake style).
Heli carring marines.
aliens scattered on walls etc.
overturned car.(win)
subtract/add graffiti (win)
burst water pipe (win) Deserted land - survivors wanted.
alien infestation.
i am legend theme (win). Image feature Ideas Background ideas Some sort of building/structure.
A wall.
Castle. (win) Photo shot Location Castle.
Train Station.
Napier dome building
Tollcross (win) Ideas (Images) not used Alien (AVP) for the alien theme Found at -
http://aliensandpredators.tumblr.com/post/272632862/energyface-today-could-use-a-sprinkle-of Ash Tree Dying (current Theme) Found at -
http://edenprairieweblogs.org/scottneal/post/2060/ BMW car (current Theme) Found At -
image does not fit in well with pic. FUTURE TOLLCROSS Heli with troops
(alien theme) Found at -
Did not go with theme Grass did not merge with image well Grass road (current theme) Found at -
http://www.flickr.com/photos/bepster/44918769/ Too time consuming to remove all traces
of sky Did not go with theme Orange sky (current theme) Prefered other sky pic Found at -
http://www.sikhnet.com/gallery/v/Wallpaper/1024x768/1600x1200/OrangeSky1600.jpg.html Seattle building (current theme) Prefered castle idea Found at -
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Seattle_-_6th_&_Wall_Building_01.jpg Project images Burst water pipe Found at -
http://williamclassblog2006.blogspot.com/2007/12/day-22-broken-water-pipe.html The burst pipe was an idea i used
to help convey the theme of a run
down unused, unhealthy future
Tollcross. Edinburgh Castle Found at -
http://www.noguardianangel.com/photo_gallery/photo_gallery.htm This was used to help convey some
sort of past disaster (if the castle
is now seen from tollcross the landscape
must have shifted due to a disaster)
the trees also merge well with theme. Grass The grass was an idea i used
to help convey the theme of a run
down unused, unhealthy future
Tollcross. Also partly taken from
I am Legend. Found at -
http://www.nt.gov.au/nreta/natres/weeds/find/mexicanfeather/index.html I am Legend Used to imput suitable people
to senario many can relate to this
film and that helps convey my theme
idea. Found at -
http://blogs.bet.com/news/newsyoushouldknow/will-smiths-legend-film-sets-all-time-box-office-record-for-december-openings/ Overturned Jeep Again, this was used to convey the theme
and sence of disater. Found at -
http://www.emporiumblog.com/ Grassy Texture Used on pavements and roads
to convey theme set scene.
Found at -
http://www.sharecg.com/v/26245/Texture/Concrete-path-with-moss Puddle Used to complete the burst
pipe idea Found at -
http://www.henrylim.org/Puddle.html Running Water Used to complete the burst
pipe idea Found at -
http://bestphotoshoptutorials.net/2008/12/17/50-spectacular-3d-photoshop-tutorials/ Sky Used for the sky replacement Found At -
http://projectvisual.net/category/travels/ Photographs I chose this spot not out
of resrch i was simply walkin
around and it just hit me as
the near perfect shot, the sky
is nice and open and the lighting
was nice at that time. Artists pallett I used the painting of The Lady of Shalott, 1888
by John William Waterhouse as it had some nice sepia tones and good contrast I did not make the picture identicle in tearms of
colour as i wanted to create a night sort of scene
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