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Grade 10 Causes of WWI

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Dave Wingate

on 3 February 2012

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Transcript of Grade 10 Causes of WWI

The Long Term Causes of the Great War
"It was too much effort not to have a war."
How did we get from
the one case of affairs
to the other case of affairs?
large empires with growing industries; the great powers had to protect it
Arms race meant to build armies and weapons to show power and deter others (make other countries think twice before fighting)
Britain and Germany had a naval race over building large battleships - the British warship was called the Dreadnaught
Alliances - friendship treaties between countries formed for protection
Triple Alliance - Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy (1882)
Triple Entente - Russia, Britain, France
Extreme pride in your country
Many countries wanted revenge over previous wars (Germany and France)
competition between powers for growth of nation, culture, business and empire (jealousy)
anger within empires - many cultures controlled by empires wanted to be free to make their own countries
growth of empires
empires gave political, military and economic power
caused jealousy, resentment and anger
of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary
But let's go into more detail
So, why did this happen?
Political Situation in the Balkans
Bosnia-Herzegovina was in the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire but Austria officially annexed B-H in 1908
Serbia had an anti-Austrian, pro-united Slavic nationalistic gov't resulting in several minor conflicts between the Serbia and Austria
A visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia
heir to the Austrian throne - Archduke Franz Ferdinand was sent to Bosnia and to visit the capitol Sarajevo
The Black Hand
A group of Serbian nationalist terrorists/anarchists planned the assassination for June 28, 1914
Gavrilo Princip
Several Black hand members failed in the attempt to kill the Archduke
Princip aproached the car and shot the Archduke
Why this led to war?
Austrian Emperor Franz Josef used this as a way of getting war with Serbia
Austria delivered an ultimatum to Serbia
- Punish all anti-Austrian sentiments
- Allow Austria to have bureaucratic
influence in Serbia
Serbia asks Russia, a cultural ally, for help
Russia initially told Serbia to give in to the Ultimatum but declared that it would support Serbia
Investigations showed that the Serbian Military intelligence had organized the assassinations
Germany secretly told Austria that it was prepared for a general war and would support Austria - gave them a "blank check" of help
European powers readied for war
July 28th Austria declares war on Serbia
July 28, Austria declares war
July 31 - Russia mobilizes forces

Germany sends an ultimatum to France and Russia
Aug 1
Germany declares war on Russia

Aug 3
Germany declares war on France
gives ultimatum to Belgium to allow troops through

Aug 4 - Germany invades Belgium
Aug 4 - Britain declares war on Germany to secure Belgium neutrality
How did the war start?
* No Ostriches were harmed in the making of this presentation
But if it wasn't an Ostrich how did WWI start?
It's probably a lot easier to go to war when you're prepared and have lots of guns...
My buddy has my back. Let's go to war!
It makes people angry when you say your country is better than theirs
But, it's even worse when someone says your culture isn't even worth having its own country
It's nice to have nice things. It's also nice to take things from people you think you are better than.
So, I'm going to be okay?
Hey, anyone else notice that Canada isn't on that map of Europe?
So, why did we end up going to war?
Why Canada went to war
1867, Canada became a country
But Canadian foreign policy was still under British control - we had to like and hate the people Britain liked and hated
When Britain declared war all of the British Empire was at war - including Canada
Schlieffen Plan
Plan to avoid a long two front war for Germany
German's could mobilize troops quickly on the Western Front (fighting in Western Europe)
Germany would invade France through Belgium and defeat France before turning back to attack Russia
Belgian resistance slowed Germany and allowed French and British to move into position
Resulted in trench warfare
Trench Warfare!
Defensive tactic because of improved weapons (machine guns)
Poor living conditions and battle tactics resulted in extremely high casualties
The Schlieffen Plan
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