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Pauley Pavilion

No description

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Pauley Pavilion

UCLA's Pauley Pavilion
Pauley Pavilion
Rebecca Drake - Lauren Cox - Samantha Park
Other famous events at Pauley Pavilion
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (1999 &2004)
MTV Video Music Awards (1992)
Jeopardy! College Championship (2001)
VH1 Rock Honors ceremony (2008)
Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign held a rally here (2008)

Pavilion Dedication
Dedicated to Edwin W. Pauley
He was the primary donor to the building fund
Contributed one fifth of the total cost to build the arena
His total contributions were about $1 million, equivalent to all other alumni contributions combined

Floor Dedication
The floor is named after Coach John Wooden and his wife, Nell
The official name of the floor is
Nell and John Wooden Court
John Wooden led his UCLA basketball team to an unsurpassed record of 10 national championships in the 1960s and 1970s
He is often regarded as the greatest coach in American sports history
The Bruins won 149 games to 2 losses at home between 1965 and 1975 under Coach Wooden
What improvements were included in this $136 million renovation of
Pauley Pavilion?
Additional Seating
Modification of Ceiling
Walkway from Locker Room to Stadium
New Aisle, Steps, and Handrails
New Concession areas
Statue of Coach Wooden
First NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship in 1981
NCAA Women's Division l Basketball Tournament in 1984
Provided venue for gymnastics for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games
Famous sporting events at Pauley Pavilion
New Athlete Locker Rooms
The university sold stadium seats for $479 each
(a name plaque goes on the seat after renovation)
These seats are interconnected and come in pairs of blue or gold.
3,000 seats available
Selling seats helped cover the cost of the seat cleaning, refurbishment, and creation of legs for the chairs in the new pavilion.

Seats for Sale!
New Weight Room with
connecting theater
LED Ribbon Board/Center Scoreboard
600 seats have been added to the upper level and 400 on the floor
A change in the structural design of the ceiling will provide added noise and focus it on the court. This was per Coach Ben Howland's request to increase home court advantage.
What happened to the old Pauley Pavilion??
The construction team did not tear down the old facility. The facility is actually under the new glass outside exterior, but only modernized. The Pauley Family was part of this decision and said "the new facility will always have a part of the old stadium in it."
With the glass exterior, the new Pauley Pavilion will stand out, but still work within the "fabric" of the university.
Home to UCLA's basketball, volleyball,
and gymnastic teams
Where were home games played for volleyball, basketball, and gymnastic teams of UCLA?
Men's basketball played at the LA Sports Arena and Honda Center
All other teams played on campus at John Wooden Center
Before the pavilion was originally built in 1965, the teams played in the Student Activities Center. Back then, students didn't refer to it as the SAC. It was called the B.O. Barn.
The first game ever played at Pauley Pavilion was on November 27, 1965
Pauley Pavilion was introduced to the public at the June 1965 commencement ceremony
Pauley is More than just a Basketball Court
More restrooms and accessibility
The new Pauley Pavilion has four times as many women's restrooms as before, and twice as many men's restrooms located on all four sides of the arena.
New concessions include California Pizza Kitchen, Subway, Jamba Juice, a panini bar, a "grab-and-go" mart and a Joe Brewin coffeehouse.
The outdoor marketplace will continue to sell popcorn and peanuts and will also feature an area for food trucks.
A members-only Pavilion Club will be the only place that sells alcohol in the building, located on the north mezzanine.
The old Pauley was out of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act concerning the amount of elevators in the facility that large. The new Pauley has three elevators instead of one. There is now much more space for people with wheelchairs to visit the facility.
The First Game at Renovated Pauley
Bruin vs. Indiana State
The two schools chose this as the first game after the renovation because Coach Wooden coached at both schools.
Pavilion Club
VIP seating
$25,000 per person
Room for 300 people
3 TVs and 2 projections screens
Bob Marley (1979)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1992)
Guns N' Roses (1992)
Jay-Z (2009)
Concerts at Pauley
Famous sporting events at Pauley Pavilion
First Pacific -10 Conference Men's Basketball Tournament in 1987
LA Tennis Challenge held on March 4, 2013
Will be hosting the first and second round of the 2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

Increased floor circulation space, new entry points with ramps, and handrails have been added
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