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Physical Fitness

No description

Paxton Gray

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness
Main Factors
Research Question:
Why should teenagers do physical activity daily?

Physical Fitness improves multiple aspects of teenagers well being.

Overall Health
Mental Health
Primary Research conclusion
- Increasing physical activity has many benefits. Science has shown that when teens increase their daily activity, they decrease their chances of developing many diseases such as hear disease and type 2 diabetes and are generally healthier and happier (n.d)

- Exercise and daily activity are associated with better quality of life and health outcomes (n.d)
Physical Fitness has an extreme impact on teens overall health. Daily exercise improves many aspects and helps provide an overall healthier life style. Teenage physical fitness also has benefits for the future. Daily fitness and a healthy life style helps to reduce the risk of diseases and diabetes in the future.
Throughout the teenage years, confidence and self esteem is very important for all teens to have. Some have more than others but physical activity is something that can help boost confidence and self esteem.

- Evidence suggest that when properly used, physical activity can provide positive benefits to physical self esteem and at the same time facilitate the most desirable forms of motivation. (C.B)

Secondary Research Conclusion
After researching Physical Fitness and its benefits, I have come to the conclusion that when a teen is involved with physical activity is can have many positive outcomes to many aspects such as overall health, mental health, confidence, and school.
After Surveying 30 students and viewing the results, I have observed that their answers prove the secondary research that I have found. It has been shown that physical fitness improves multiple aspects of teenagers well being.
Examples of Benefits of Physical Fitness

Improve overall health
improves mental health
Healthy bones and muscle
Lower heart rate
Improves mood
Healthier body weight
Improves self confidence
Helps with academic performance
Improve abilities, endurance
Helps you meet new people
more energy
Helps us grow stronger
What are some benefits of physical fitness?

Secondary Research
- Physical activity may play an important role in management of mild- to moderate mental health diseases, especially depression and anxiety. (S.A)

- Experts believe exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. (s.A)

Why do you think physical activity is good for mental health?
- Less tension, stress
- Improves sleep
- Better social life
- Less anger, frustration

- Sufficient evidence now exists for the effectiveness of exercise in the treatment of clinical depression. Additionally, exercise has a moderate reducing effect on state and trait anxiety and can improve physical self-perceptions and in some cases global self-esteem. (K.F)

-Cross-sectional observations show a positive association between academic performance and PA, (D.K)
- PA has positive influences on concentration, memory and classroom behaviour. (D.K)
Do you think daily physical activity helps your performance in school?
Physical activity in school can have positive effects on children and teens. In elementary schools, teachers are now aiming to fit in one hour of physical activity daily, or at least 3 days a weeks. In high school, we have several options of participating in physical fitness courses.
Primary Research
Q. Is daily activity important?

A. It makes me feel good about myself, it keeps me healthy and I sleep better(17 year old girl)

- keeps my body healthy and active keeps me out of trouble, going to practice or a game instead of going out all the time drinking/partying keeps my skills active and in check, such as responsibility getting there on time, leadership within the team, co operation with others etc. (17 year old boy)

Q. Does physical fitness help with your emotional state, mood?

A. Yes greatly, if im feeling down or stressed about something i will just go and escape to the gym or go for a run around the neighbourhood. (17 year old boy)

- relieves stress, always makes me feel better after i workout (18 year old girl)

What is mental health?
Mental health: A person's condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being.
Physical fitness can help with many factors of mental health.
Q. Does physical fitness help with your confidence?

A. I like to think it does because whenever I see results or score a goal or make a good pass it makes me feel good (17 year old boy)

- yes, makes me feel better about myself and body whether or not I'm loosing weight, I still know I'm trying (17 year old girl)

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