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Intro to Workshop (Workshop Style)

No description

Shira Carroll

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Workshop (Workshop Style)

Intro to Workshop (Workshop Style)
Meeting Agenda
1. Why workshop?
2. Workshop Format
3. Possible Options (Find what works for you!)
4. Put it into Practice (ish)
Workshop Format
1. Mini-Lesson (Focus Lesson)
Whole Group
5-20 minutes
Intro, Model (Possible Quick Guided Practice)
How the heck do I get them to do all this without me??
1. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
Workshop behavior is a whole new category of classroom behavior
whispering to each other is essential
only interrupt small group instruction for emergencies - lightbulb, bathroom signal?
be resourceful (ask classmates, use anchor charts/notes)
sitting around the room is a privilege, not a right
2. Partner Work Sign Up Sheet
3. Daily Work Plan
4. Rotations/Schedule
The To-Do List
1. Reading Activities:
Guided Reading Assignment
SSR/Sticky notes
2. Writing Activities
Continue to Apply yesterday's Mini-Lesson Skill
Free Write
3. Word Study
Complete Daily Activity
Learning Targets
1. I can explain the parts of the workshop model.
2. I can start to think about how workshop will work for me and my classroom.
3. I can find a To-Do list format that works for me and my classroom.
2. Small Group (Guided Reading/Conferring)
Leveled Groups or Skill Groups
15-20 minutes
Practice Skills at instructional level
Discuss reading
Anecdotal Notes
What the heck is everyone else doing??
How the heck do I get them to do all this without me?
Back to the Format
1. Reading Focus Lesson
2. Small Group Reading Instruction/To-Do List

3. Return to Whole Group (Debrief/Share)
4. Writing Mini-Lesson
Whole Group (5-10 minutes)
Intro, Model, Quick Practice
5. Small Group/Conferring
(Quick workers can return to To-Do List)
6. Sharing Writing (5 minutes)

Your Turn!
Today's Menu
1. Meet with "Teacher" to Learn Guided Reading Format
2. Brainstorm Ideas for how you want to present/display/format your Daily To-Do
3. Write down any questions you still have about how to make this work
4. Tweet about something you learned today :)
In my Guided Reading Survival Kit
Anecdotal Note System (Still trying to find a good one)
Small whiteboard/markers (that work)
sticky notes
notebook paper
designated guided reading space
Guided Reading Lesson Format
1. Intro New Words on small whiteboard (2 minutes)
from the text
not easily figured out
unfamiliar/interesting/hard to spell/pronounce
2-3 words
record in Personal Word Wall (beginning or end of notebook)
provide definitions/ask for elaboration
2. Review Skill (2 minutes)
3. Preview text (2 minutes)
4. Demonstrate assignment for during and after reading (small whiteboard) 3 minutes
5. Begin Reading silently at table (if checking for fluency: ask student to read out loud)
6. While reading, teacher asks individual students to respond to reading out loud
7. After 5 minutes (ish) pause reading for mid-lesson group chat
8. Continue reading and responding while reading
9. After reading discuss during and after responses**
10. Make connections to next meeting.

**If students are reading at vastly different paces, send finished students back to seats and discuss end of reading responses at the beginning of the next meeting.
Real Life Reasons for the Workshop Model
Get twice as much done in half the time
Know your students
Student Accountability!
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