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Gema Gomez

on 3 February 2016

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Crime Scene

Crime Scene
Flowers: The flowers, a gift from Martha, were freshly cut.
Cookies: The cookies were a gift from Gabrielle.
Investigation Report

Gabrielle Gray
Dexter Davis
A medical murder mystery
Medical Lab Johnson was found in his apartment on the morning of February the 15th by his neighbor, Martha Mallory. Martha stated that Mr. Johnson threw a valentine's day party on the 14th. When found, Mr. Johnson had hives, an extremely swollen tongue, and puffy eyes and lips. In Mr. Johnson's pocket there was a phone with the following contacts: Martha Mallory, Gabrielle Gray, Amber Adams, Dexter Davis, and Emily Evans.
On the kitchen table there were flowers, chocolate and peanut cookies, and cupcakes with
what appeared to be sprinkles
but were actually unidentified
pills crushed on top.
Cupcakes: The cupcakes were laced with Amoxicillin, a penicillin-based antibiotic.
* Childhood friend of Med Lab
* Brought the cookies
* Had athlete's foot at the time of
the murder

Motive: Gabrielle liked Mr. Johnson but they were never a
Martha Mallory
* Mr. Johnson's neighbor
* A bit nosy
* A bit chubby
* Brought the flowers
* Has Hepatitis A

Motive: Martha hated Mr. Johnson's constant parties.
* Odd guy
* No one really knows him
* Shows up at places uninvited
* Had Trichomoniasis at the time
of the murder

Motive: He
doesn't like valentine's day.
Emily Evans
Amber Adams
* Mr. Johnson's ex-girlfriend
* only shows up to certain occasions
* Was being treated for Lyme Disease at
the time of the murder

Motive: She was extremely upset when Med Lab Johnson broke up with her.
* A coworker of Mr. Johnson
* Sweats a lot
* Cried when she heard the news of his
* Was being treated for shingles at the
time of the murder

Motive: She was jealous that Mr. Johnson received a promotion.
After thorough interrogation and investigation, Emily Evans was revealed to be the killer. Her relationship with Mr. Johnson meant that she was aware of any of his allergies, which included penicillin. Since there were cupcakes laced with Amoxicillin at the crime scene, and Ms. Evans was being treated for Lyme disease, she was the only suspect with access to the pills. Her anger and depression over the break-up led her to act irrationally and lace the cupcakes with penicillin. This would produce a severe allergic reaction in Mr. Johnson in which he would break out in hives and his airways would become very narrow.
Autopsy Report Key Points

* Mr. Johnson had elevated
IgE levels.
* He had cyanosis.
* The skin around his face
and neck was swollen with hives.
* The airways were narrow.
* The tongue was extremely swollen.
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