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fuck yea

MinKwan Kim

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Ketotop

Ketotop Target Country HyeJi Woo
MinKwan Kim
SeongJae Lee
JeongEun Byun
RuBing Wang Original Ad Product Market Situation Korea Canada Number 1 Among OECD countries Patch Type is Popular Best Selling Aging Society Bengay Media Environment Canada Korea Internet Usage - 81% Television - 1 hour and 51 minutes Cell Phone - 91% News papers - 78% Cell phone - 78% Target Consumers:
Elders (50~60) ->
+ Middle Aged (40~) Joint / Muscle pain relieving & curing product (TDDS)
Main Component : Ketoprofen
Duration: 12hrs
Price: 9000~10000 (Korean Won) Hofsted's 5 Dimensions Low-Context Communication Exlpicit Communication
->Advertisement with specific details Internet Usage - 80% Television - 2 hours and 30 minutes Newspapers - 30% -> Ice Hockey - Scoreboard Thank You
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