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Copy of The destruction of linear learning

Use this Prezi to explain how a non-linear format can be so powerful

Marie Louise Conradsen

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The destruction of linear learning

Traditionally we'd start at.... Then we'd move on to.... And then. You guessed it.... At this point our audience
starts to lose interest Most are totally disengaged (or asleep) by "How can I keep my audience engaged?" Viedo here Collaborate with Prezi meeting Let learners surf through presentations at their own pace, and in the order they choose - Kowabunga! Send your presentations to new heights Use the zoom feature to get a nice 'woooow' sound from your audience Use great visuals to keep people engaged

It's like having a visual dance with your audience! Invite people to edit your Prezi... ...or post the link on your website for the world to see Hide little gems of knowledge in your prezi Let the learners explore and find them Click your right arrow key to continue
through the presentation "Is there an alternative to this linear format?" Now stop using the arrow keys
and just explore! Click and zoom in on the parts that look interesting to you It just takes a little change in the way we think and design presentations Don't be scared of this crazy non linear concept! Checkout www.theprezenter.com for Prezi tips and advice For help and advice with Prezi Go to www.theprezenter.com That's the self promotion out of the way! Do this to your presentations Prezi Training For online Prezi training join one of our online programs at http://www.theprezenter.com/online-prezi-training/
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