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ICT for Lawyers

No description

Doug Newdick

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of ICT for Lawyers

The stuff we run software on

The Cloud
There is no cloud, only cloud services
NIST gives us a great set of definitions
A special building for holding infrastructure...
Key cloud characteristics
On-demand self-service
Broad network access
Resource pooling
Rapid elasticity
Measured service
Thank you!
Our Map
Key concepts
The basic ideas are not that complicated
Infrastructure and datacentres are old-hat
The cloud is not to be feared
ask "what is in the stack?"
Nothing is secure
Big trends will have a major impact on ICT shops
ICT for Lawyers
Exploring the wilds of ICT
The Stack
A real stack - the internet protocol stack
Every other use is just a metaphor!
Big trends
The changing role of ICT
Cloud service models
SaaS - Software as a Service
PaaS - Platform as a Service
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
Cloud deployment models
Private cloud
Community cloud
Public cloud
Hybrid cloud
"The cloud is inevitable and irresistible"
"...becoming a commodity".
"...best left to the specialists!"
Simulating hardware using software
Virtual machines
Virtual servers
Virtual desktops
Guests and hosts
Information Security
Information security is all about risk mitigation
Security is not privacy
Nothing will ever be 100% secure
Big Trends
What are the key trends shaping ICT now and in the next few years?
The Cloud
"the most transformative technologies will only be available in the public cloud"
The Internet of Things
Big Data
Consumerisation of IT
How Is the Role of IT Changing?
Today: build, operate, own
Future: aggregate, integrate, listen to the business, manage vendors
2-speed IT
Consumer IT is more powerful and more useful than corporate IT
Corporate IT is adopting consumer IT models and styles for devices, apps and services
Social media and Internet of things are driving vast volumes of data
The data is not structured in the same ways as traditional data
New technologies are being developed to manage the volume and types of data
Ubiquitous networks and smart devices
RFID and NFC everywhere
Gazillions of connected devices
Enterprise social
Mobile is becoming the predominant way that people interact with the internet and with services
Staff are using consumer IT at work
"...a key enabler for the cloud that has become a commodity."
"...security should enable the business"
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