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Edward Scissorhands(:

No description

Paola Ramirez

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Edward Scissorhands(:

Natalie Rico & Paola Ramirez
Period 1 Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands (Main Character), portrayed by Johnny Depp, is an unfinished creation made to be a real man. However, his hands were not put on, and so he has scissor-like blades for hands. Edward Scissorhands Edward contains countless traits that categorize him as various archetypes, such as an outcast and a scapegoat.
He is forsaken by many people, subtly and obviously because of his "deformity". Therefore making him an outcast.
Although Edward's age cannot be accurately determined since he isn't human, he gives a child-like attitude; naive and unaware of the world.
Edward is an unlikely gentleman/hero, despite his physical and mental appearance. For example, he "saves the day" in small ways like doing yardwork and cutting women's hair as well as saving . Outcast, Scapegoat, Child, Hero, Gentleman Kim (portrayed by Winona Ryder) is Edward's love interest, is a typical teenager who rejects Edward because her wary outlook of him. She's one of the first to judge (and misjudge) him because of his appearance. KIM Kim is a mole-like character, living "Underground" in her own world, and refusing to interact with Edward.. She's also blind to the world and only focuses on herself and her friends, making her a blindfold as well. However, she gets pushed around, especially by her boyfriend Jim. Mole (animal), Blindfold, doormat Kim's mother Peg makes a living by trying to sell makeup protucts fom door to door. When her luck runs out she went ahead and tried for the old manchine up in the hill. Doing so she finds Edward there in a corner hiding and decides to bring him home knowing about his odd scissor hands. Peg Although everybody looks at him differently she still brings hims home and treats him like anybody else.
She takes care of him like mother for taking him home to not be alone anymore
She cares and never looses hope even though everything seems hopeless Motherly instincts, Saint, compassionate The spoiled misunderstood kid boyfriend of Kim, He was with Kim until Edward became a threat for is relationship. He frames Edward into robbing his own home because of his rich greedy parents. In the end he ends up attacking Edward within the old manchine and ends up getting stabbed by edward in the proccess. Jim He is consided of the villian of the story because he intentionally got edward in trouble and caused him to be disliked by the nieghborhood. Villian, Abusive, self centered, punk He is very self centered because he only cares about what he thinks and what he wants
Ex. When he made his friend drive even though he was drunk to take him to kims house. Which almost causing the death of Kims little brother for his friend almost running him over. Was Also abustive because of the way he treated Kim to get what he wants.
ex. Forsed Kim to leave Edward at the house for the cops. Also slapped her to get out of his way to get to Edward The Nieghborhood is where Edward is living. The Nieghborhood We counted the neighborhood because all of the characters act the same within the Neighborhood. At first the Neighborhood accepted him and was fasinated of his scissor hands and used him to their advantage, and make him feel welcomed She is one of the main Wemon on the Neighborhood, had the most influence and power over the wemon Joyce She Flirts with many men in the Neighborhood, she tried to keep Edward closes to her by trying to suduce Edward in his own salon. Unfaithful wife, greedy, Out spoken She will say anything about anyone no matter how affensive or rude it could be.
ex. When Peg tried to sell make-up to her and gave her a rude comment about her coming to her door and shutting the door in her face A isolated religous person in the Neighborhood. Esmeralda She didnt like Edward from the first moment she saw him, pointed him out as evil and the devil. Judgemently THE END Edward Scissorhands is a breaking character in this movie because he is an outcast that isn't neglected by many of the neighbors in the beginning. Also, he is the hero, yet he kills Jim. His arcfhetypes condtradict with his actions greatly. Breaking Character She found Edward very attractive, once before tried to seduce a plummer in her home, and tries to seduce Edward at his beauty salon and tells everyone he tried to rape her Her extreme devotion to her religion causes her to push away from everyone When she first sees Edward she goes sraight to Peg's house to tell her, Edward is the Devil and then just leaves
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