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Species Diversity

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danelle ray

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Species Diversity

Species Diversity
Species diversity is a measure of the diversity within an ecological community. Evenness of species' abundances. Species diversity is one component of the concept of biodiversity.
Genetic Diversity
Is the variation of genes ,chromosomes, or genomes of an organisms or species. Genetic characters for survival.
Ecosystem Diversity
The Range of different people or species, and groups within an ecosystem or community.
Species Diversity In Life
There are more than 1.3-1.7 million species have already been discovered.It is estimated that in before this century is over the earth will loose 50% of species. 70% of plant species are endangered.

Species over time have gone extinct. From plant, to animals, to microbes. All these species work together in an ecosystem , when there is an extinction of a species or a migration then there becomes an upset in the balance of that ecosystem.

The number of species that are not threatened or endangered is only 17,990 species.



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42,500 animal species ( including fish,reptiles,amphibians,birds,and mammals.)

342,000 plant species ( including fungi )

950,000 insects species.

#s Of Discovered Species
Genetic Diversity In Life
Genetic diversity is being lost in the natural ecosystem. There's a great loss in plant specie diversity . Crop reduction is beginning to be the result of this declining genetic diversity.

Genetic Diversity consists of every organism having a job to do. Insects have a role and their balance makes the land and soil fertile for plants, animal species/ human use these plants for food . The genetic diversity in plants or crops helps with medicinal discoveries and for human living . Without diversity in the characteristics of plants there becomes a problem.

In China there is a crop reduction in their crop of rice. The genetic diversity of rice has decline, where there were 46,000 varieties of rice cultivated 60 yrs ago to only 1,000 varieties being cultivated since 2006. This happening in more area where fertile land and cultivated land and their crops have been reduced.

There are few ways to help . Like seed banks devoted to bring diversity back to the land, so there is more food. Other ways that crops could be preserved is that people who farm and tend to the land can do rotational grazing. It would help the diversity in crops and they reproduce. It can also make healthier livestock. Like at a creamery to produce better milk and cows.

Invasive species
Invasive species effect an ecosystem by either competing with the native species, or mating and creating hybrid species to live among the native species. This breeding can effect their habitat because it cannot hold the capacity or the hybrid's dietary needs.

This causes the hybrids or the natives to leave that habitat and force their selves upon a different habitat. This makes other species leave and eventually go extinct.

The asian carps(right) have invaded the United States Great Lakes.

By: Adea Dickerson-Ray
& Kaitlyn Howard

Effects : Medicine

Species Diversity is one of the main results or our pharmaceutical success. Diversity in plants, animals, also microbial species are the derivatives from where many drugs come from. The study of wildlife anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry has made it possible for drugs to be created.

Animals such as bears are/can be studied for the cure of Osteoporosis. Bears have the ability to hibernate and stay for long periods of time of immobility. Unlike humans ,who if stays immobile, our bones will become brittle and weak. Also they can help find a cure for Renal Failures or problems.Polar bears can keep toxic waste in their system for amounts of time without renal failure.

Pain Killers and a medicine for patients who do not respond to opiates(opium) are made from the Cone Snail. The cone Snail has a venom that it uses to paralyze their prey. This venom has been studied and researchers find that this venom can be a cardiac drug( Prialt )help protect human brain cells, heart cells, and nerves during heart attacks or strokes.

Biodiversity is the variety and connections of life ,that includes plants and all species of life in an ecosystem.
Ecological/Ecosystem Diversity In Life
Ecosystem diversity consists of not only the species and microbial organisms that live there but also the weather, region, and climate.

Region: The region can include the economical situation or growth and the plants or crops that exists there for food.

Climate Weather: The climate includes the effect of weather temperatures on organisms and what type of organisms prosper and/or contribute to life.Like Global Warming and Green House Gasses effecting the atmosphere.

Without Biodiversity the species become extinct and the ecosystem becomes vulnerable and becomes threatened.

Seminar: Ms.Chin
Human Effect: Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade
A spike in the illegal wildlife trade over decades is threatening efforts of conservation. Wildlife crime is ran internationally. Illegal wildlife trade includes poaching and domesticating animals.Although some wildlife trade isn't illegal, animals are overly exploited. Wild plants and animals from thousands of species are captured and cultivated. These plants and animals are domesticated or sold as pets,food,medicines or decorations. These actions have declined wildlife populations.

Victims of poachers include Elephants for their ivory tusks. Elephant has decreased almost 50% between 1981-1989. There were actually 5 to 10 million African elephants in the world in the 1930's, but now there are only approximately 1% of the African elephant population left.

Tigers are an endangered species because of poaching. Poaching has lead to the loss of 97% of the wild over the century. There are only 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild. In areas Rhinos are killed in small numbers per week. Decreasing Rhino population a week . Rhinos are poached for the simple fact that their horn is 5x more expensive than gold. Rhino horns are sold in the black market as medicine. In the wild a rhinoceros dies without it's horn because they can no longer hunt.

How Does Biodiversity Affect Human Lives ?
Economical Effect
Have you ever thought about how Biodiversity can save you and earn you money? Biodiversity in trees and plants make a beautiful scenery for your property. selling prices of homes go up when you have trees and plants around your house. Also having trees surround your home can lower your A/C bill in the summer. The trees and plants create shade and oxygen. This actually keeps your house cool.

Living around trees can be a plus during a natural disaster. Trees' roots, anchors the soil. During floods and hurricanes, there would be a less likely chance that houses would drift away. Trees also make the air around you clearer. They filter the carbon in the air.

Biodiversity effects economically more than just your property value and natural disasters. Biodiversity also effects jobs and resources. jobs like fishing companies are effected because they effect marine wildlife. Fishing companies get a demand for a type of fish and that leads to overfishing. That marine creature's specie's population will decrease because it will not have enough time to reproduce. The loss of reproduction will effect another organism because their source of food is being threatened. So there begins a chain reaction in the food chain. This effects the jobs of fisherman and companies. 80% of the world's fisheries are out pf use.
International Seminar : 1
Conclusion:The Truth
Agricultural genetic diversity has been lost because plant breeding has changed the genetic make up of plants. Taking plants and killing them to make chemically made plants has effected the sustainability of plants. There genes have been tested and changed.

Loss of genetic diversity effect our lives because the sustainability of that organism or species is threatened. Genetic diversity is having different genes that has been the result of an organism evolving. The difference in genes help them be able to be immune to conditions on an environment.

Example: there are genetic differences in humans and animals and crops and every organism. If there was a father that was effected by the bubonic plague and the mother had a vaccine, the offspring would be immune to that disease.

Say one type of corn was grown and a pesticide was sprayed on it that repelled ladybugs and killed ladybugs. The next generation would have evolved and would immune to that pesticide.

Common Genetic Diversity are examples like your eye colors, hair colors(even if your hair changes colors), height, and skin tone.

Loss of Genetic Diversity
Thesis Statement:
Biodiversity affects our lives because every living thing is connected in a variety of ways. To continue everyday life, Biodiversity provides food, medicines,land,and sustainability . All for life.
Biodiversity is very important.Biodiversity has an effect on our everyday lives from the food you eat to the scientific discoveries that leads to the creation of medicines at hospitals that save millions, to the plants and animals that make your home and vacation sites beautiful, and to the creatures that puts back in the Earth that we humans take out of it.

We lose biodiversity everyday at an alarming rate. With every type of species that we lose, that's a new discovery just wasted or has died.
By year 2100 the predicted loss of biodiversity is 50% of the world's species. We lose about 100 species a day. Soon there will be an even greater impact on the world.
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How Can You Help ?
Driving Less can help reduce fuel emission which helps marine wild life.
Using less hot water and using cold water in your laundry .
Do not uproot any trees or plants unnecessarily.
Eat less beef and meats,cows create greenhouse gasses to reduce CO
Learn More about endangered species. Maybe create an awareness
Plant flowers in a garden that can intake more CO
Now Do You Think Biodiversity Is Important?
source #1
source #2
Inquiry Question
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