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Student Team Meetings

No description

Brian Wheeler

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Student Team Meetings

Attitude is Everything
Informational Items
You should have your Digital Drivers License (DDL) complete. If you don't have it finished, you need to complete it asap. It must be complete for you to remain a take home user. You can find the link on the Boyle County Schools Website.
Watch your thoughts they become your words

Watch your words they become your actions

Watch your actions they become your habits

Watch your habits they become your character

Watch your character it becomes your destiny
Soaring to Success
Guidelines for Success
Enter to Learn

Attitude is Everything

Give/Get Respect

Lead by Example

Effort is Essential

Service to Others

Eagle Expectations
Voice Levels
0 No Talking

1 Whisper
2 Conversation
3 Group
4 Outside Voice

Morning Expectations
When you arrive at school go straight to the gym or to the cafeteria for breakfast

Gym -- choose a seat with your grade level, and don’t get up until the bell rings to go to class.

No Food or Drinks in the gym. Students are allowed to have out electronic devices, are not allowed to take pictures or videos.

When the bell rings, exit the gym in an orderly fashion toward your hallway.

Breakfast Expectations
Choose a seat and stay

If you leave the cafeteria, you are not permitted to return

No one may leave to go back to the gym after 7:50. You must wait till the bell rings at 8:00.

Please clean up after yourself.

Lunch Expectations
In an organized manner, make your way through the line and go to assigned table.

Stay in assigned seat and/or assigned table

Get up and take your tray, and return promptly to your seat

Exit in an orderly fashion when your are dismissed

Cafeteria Expectations
Use level 2 voice

Respect others --

Clean up after yourself

Follow staff directions
Bus Expectations
Sit quietly in your seat

No FOOD, GUM, or DRINKS on the bus

Be respectful to peers

Keep Hands, Feet, and ALL objects to your self and inside the bus at all times.

Zero Tolerance Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons


You must have a note signed by the office to ride a different bus.

Rule Review
Cell phones and other electronics are not to be used at school unless given permission by an adult.

First Offense: Confiscated: Parent Contact, detention assigned

Second Offense: Confiscated / parent must pick up, detention assigned

Third Offense: Confiscated / parent must pick up, Friday School assigned

Fourth Offense: Confiscated/ Parent Pick-up, Friday schools/Suspension

Dress Code
NO Drug/Alcohol related logos, offensive language, pajamas, or hats

No short shorts or holes in jeans above the tip of your longest finger

NO Low Cut Shirts

Do not let your sleeves fall off of your shoulder.

See through material must have a shirt that meets dress code underneath

Hallway Expectations
Complete necessary tasks in a timely manner.
restroom, locker, water fountain

Don’t congregate or loiter in the hallway– Do not visit other students’ lockers.

Have everything you will need for your next class ready to go.

Get to your next class and be prepared to begin.
Don't Do It
Consequences = Suspension + Possible legal issues
It is dangerous for the participants
It is dangerous for adults trying to break it up
It can be dangerous for bystanders
Let's learn to solve our conflicts a better way...
Zero Tolerance



There is a very strict school policy that prohibits bullying and harassment in our school.


If you are being harassed or see another student being harassed, you need to notify a teacher, the counselor, or one of the principals as soon as possible.

HELP US KEEP THIS SCHOOL SAFE! Bystanders are the key. We need the help of all of our students.

Keep your locker organized
Complete classwork and homework and turn in assignments on time. Don't get behind.
Attendance is important -- Be Here
School begins at 8:07 a.m. Students you are expected to be in your seat and ready for instruction at this time.

You can only use 5 parent notes for the YEAR

Don’t forget to bring in your Doctor’s excuses

Mrs. Pardue calls home when you are absent

Attendance is Important

2011 -- 16.3 2012--16.7
CCR College Career Ready - Part of our Accountability - Measures the percentage of students meeting benchmarks.
2011--No Score 2012--9.2


K-Prep Overall
2011-2012 -- 64.6 -- 88th Percentile -- Proficient School

Our Goal was to be a Distinguished School 90th Percentile
We needed to score 64.9

2012-2013 -- 63.8 -- 86th Percentile -- Proficient School

2012-2013 -- Program Review Recalculation = 72.1

71.9 = Distinguished School
73.5 = School of Distinction

How Can you Help us Reach our Goal????
Our Goal: 73.5 We can be a School of Distinction
6th Grade

On Demand Writing
7th Grade


On Demand Writing
8th Grade
Soaring to New Heights wall in the lobby.
Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny.

Elaine Maxwel
Score by subject

11-12 12-13
Reading 73.5 79.3
Math 72.2 76.4
Science 97.5 90.6
SS 92.8 91.3
Writing 86.7 80.1
Language 64 72.4
8th Grade Map Data
Red Reading
Fall 2013 -- 223
Winter 2014 -- 227.1
Red Math
Fall 2013 -- 235.5
Winter 2014 -- 237.4
White Reading
Fall 2013 -- 220.4
Winter 2014 -- 223.7
White Math
Fall 2013 -- 226.7
Winter 2014 -- 228.8
7th Grade Map Data
Gold Reading
Fall 2013 -- 217.1
Winter 2014 -- 220
Gold Math
Fall 2013 -- 225.5
Winter 2014 -- 230
Blue Reading
Fall 2013 -- 220.2
Winter 2014 -- 226.5
Blue Math
Fall 2013 -- 224.9
Winter 2014 -- 228.6
6th Grade Map Data
Silver Reading
Fall 2013 -- 212.2
Winter 2014 -- 217.8
Silver Math
Fall 2013 -- 215.6
Winter 2014 -- 222.6
Orange Reading
Fall 2013 -- 211.5
Winter 2014 -- 215.8
Orange Math
Fall 2013 -- 215.5
Winter 2014 -- 222.1
Chromebook Expectations

Know where it is

Carry it correctly

Charge it at home every night

Do not eat or drink near it

Do not take it to the cafeteria (Backpacks/Cases at breakfast)

Appropriate Apps will come back

Use your DDL skills to be responsible on the Internet
Please join our Converge Class to view the Student Handbook
Monday Morning Message
New Ways to Report Bullying: STOP tip line. You can find the link our the BCMS Web page
Leave an anonymous note in the gray box outside Mrs. Holland's office
Send us an email
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