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Copy of Applied Gaming for social change

No description

Rolf van der Maas

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Applied Gaming for social change

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com

END (for now..)
What need do be done now?

Bring together developers, artists and other creative minds for a short time period during which a collective effort is made to create a new game
Game Jam
- Rank a Brand (GROW-GL): €50.000, bereik: 25.000
- On The Ground Reporter (GROW-GL): €100.000, bereik: 350.000
- Habbo Hotel (GL): EUR 20.000, bereik 30.000
- UPACT (GL): EUR 17.000, bereik 40.000
- Eerlijke Bankwijzer: EUR 20.000
- My Body My Say via Butterfly Works
- M&F: 2 applied games gepland voor 2013
Applied Games Oxfam Novib
- Gaming as integral part of people’s life (PROCESS not Project)
- Games = a SERVICE, not just a product
- Not only sending information but INTERACTIVE (Gamer can determine the course)
- Game is (or at least should be) adapted to the receiver.
- MASSIVE OUTREACH and audience popularity (if the game is good)
- It is FUN!
Why does it work?
Gaming is
- Coordination & exchange
gamers business
What is Applied Gaming?
Games 4 Change:

Applied games as strategy for social change

Behavior Change
: use the right
for the right
Virtual world meets physical world
Not doing MORE with less, but doing NEW with less
Realification of games - Gamification of reality

Serious games

News games

Simulation Games

Persuasive Games

Games for Health
Organizational dynamic games

Art Games



Productivity game

Game based Learning
- In 2008 snel groeiende markt. Daarna stagnatie, nu grote groei.
- NL = voorloper in gamedesign, gevolgd door Noorwegen & Singapore
- NL: ± 400 gamebedrijven, w.v. 5 ≥ 40 werknemers (http://appliedgamedesign.org)
- Verborgen doelgroep: vrouwen 25-40 jr; mannen ≥ 50!
- 'Mannenwereld', vrouwen weinig betrokken in designproces, maar spelen wel veel
- Doelgroep 10-40 jaar: meest interessant voor gedragsverandering
- Applied Games worden steeds meer ingezet. Zorgsector loopt voorop.
Other possibilities & ideas
NEWzOO: http://www.newzoo.com/infographics/infographic-2012-netherlands/
2 new applied games
Eerlijke Bankwijzer
TOOL voor:
- fundraising
(www.onebiggame.com / gramble)
- awareness raising
- kennisoverdracht
- capacity building / trainingen
- monitoring & evaluatie
Global Link
- Understand how we can successfully apply game design to create new or better services and experiences for our target groups.

- Develop an innovation strategy integrating game design & technology.

- Develop, test and evaluate game concepts that fit the goals of our organization.

- Select, collaborate with and evaluate the creative agencies and technology partners that build and apply games.
~ 8 miljoen gamers in NL
~ 570.000.000 USD spent on games in NL
~ 9.500.000 uur per dag
- Gamestrategie ontwikkelen (o.b.v. businessmodel) om meer betrokkenheid bij OS te creëren bij
minder toegankelijke doelgroep
- Game Jam organiseren
- Game testen
- Game uitwerken
- Launch
Design the Big game as well as the little game.
- HKU-students: artists, programmers, music technicians, media producers (film, animation)
- Student collectives TU Eindhoven, Fontys, TU Delft, etc.
- Create Sounding Board Group of AG focal points, involving HRM, Innovation Lab, KPM, SPEF, Projects, Lobby, Campaigns, Marketing & Fundraising

- Monitor & evaluate GL Pilot Project Experience

- Invite Game Architect to support innovation strategy integrating gamification within the whole organisation & build capacity
- Grootste groei nu in mobile devices free games business models
Wie zijn de gamers?
- Weman
- My Body, My Say
Global Link
- Rank a Brand
- On the Ground Reporter
- Upact
- Habbo hotel
- Innovative strategy to reach larger audiences through gamification
Human Resources
- Vrouwen zijn meer social media players en mannen meer war/win gamers
- Integrate into all our work (projects, policy, strategy)
- Funding
"On The Ground Reporter in Uganda"
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