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Exercise Science Nutrition Summary

I am, I do, I know, I will, I can, I wish.......

Aly Klein

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Exercise Science Nutrition Summary

Aly' s Nutrition Summary I am an athlete and I must fill my body with a high grade of fuel.
I am a relatively healthy eater and I try to stay within my healthy caloric limit of 2228 calories per day.
I am not currently, nor have I ever been, on a diet that restricts my intake of certain foods or overall amounts.
I like to stick to the moto of "the only diet is a healthy, balanced diet".
I take what I eat seriously and I try to ensure a proper balance of macro- and micromolecules.
I am always trying to improve myself, my health and what I eat. I am..... I exercise frequently by skating four times a week and adding cardio at home to help improve my metabolism.
I spread my calorie intake amongst the different food groups.
I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, meats and milk products.
I do not always fulfill the Canadian food guide recommended values.
I do not eat a lot of unhealthy food like potatoe chips, french fries and doughnuts, but I do have my vices.
I love chocolate and I often get cravings for food that is high in carbs or sometimes even high in fat.
I recently found out that I have potential for high cholesterol and triglycerides due to my genes; this is something that I need to be aware of when I am planning meals in the future.
I always check the nutrition labels of food and carefully read and evaluate all categories to decide whether or not the food is healthy or if i should eat it (there's a reason my mom doesn't take me to the grocery store!) I do..... I know now that there is a difference in the amount of calories that are received from each type of macromolecule.
There are many different types of fat, some are bad like saturated and trans fat, and some are good like mono- and polyunsaturated fat and omegas.
I have learned so much about the ways that we grow our food and how unhealthy it is, not only for us, but also for the plants and animals, the environment and the economy.
I know seven of the best foods for health are blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, flax seeds, greens, tomatoes and sprouts.
I know what kinds of foods I need to wash before I eat them or buy organically in order to protect myself from harmful fertilizers, known as "the dirty dozen".
I know how important it is to drink water to stay hydrated and to help cells in metabolic activity. I know..... I can make a change to my diet for the better and make a difference in my lifestyle.
I can challenge my family to make more nutrition conscious meals that incorporate all of the necessary food groups with fewer calories.
I can make the choice to eat healthier foods and refuse to let cravings for the unhealthy win over me.
I can accept the body that I was given and work hard to keep in shape and never stop improving myself.
I can make a difference by buying as much locally grown organic food as possible and encouraging others to do the same.
I can find ways to make healthy food taste more like the foods I want to eat and thereby cut down on cravings and fill them with healthy food. I can..... I will do my best to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout my changing life.
I will always want to exercise and stay active to keep in shape.
I will always have to take into account my genetics and risks of high cholesterol and triglycerides.
I will push my family to make better health choices together so that we all receive the proper amount of nutrients.
I will try to eat more protein since it is very common that girls do not get enough in their diet (and never become some kind of vegetarian).
I will not go on a limited diet and take suppliments to make up for the nutrients that I am not receiving. They are always better naturally. I will..... I wish that I could learn to be a better cook so that I could start to plan and make meals for my family.
I wish that I could get my family involved and that we could all learn to eat better and maintain a healthy diet.
I wish that I were more able to control the cravings that I get for sugar, carbs and fats and replace them with healthier foods.
I wish that we the the consumers had more rights to know about our food.
I wish that there were more better options for purchasing food and produce.
I wish for my future university to have good and healthy food options available. I wish.....
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