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final project

No description

Adan Serrano

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of final project

Birth Rate
The birth rate in El Salvador is 8.3%

8 births for every hundred

Life Expectancy
The life expectancy as of 2016 is

72.10 years
Important Definitions

El Salvador

Population as of 2016 - 6,153,631

Death Rate :(

The death rate is 1%
1 person dies for every hundred
By: Adan Serrano JR
population momentum
Fertility is the number of offspring born per mating pair, individual or population
means fruitfulness and fertility, the ability to produce abundant healthy growth or offspring.
the state of being subject to death
population momentum
refers to population growth at the national level that would occur even if levels of childbearing immediately declined to replacement level
In El Salvador the average number of children that would be born per woman if all women lived to the end of their childbearing years is 2 per women
El Salvador has not experienced such a bloody start to the year since the small Central American country was submerged in a brutal civil war that ended a generation ago. The first two months of 2016 ended with 1,399 murders
The Relative amount of energy
is 4.17 billion kWh(1975-2000 est)

El Salvador, the smallest of the seven 2 Central American countries,
having an area of 21,040 km2
and a population of 6.47 million (2003), is the largest producer of
geothermal energy in the region.
Main Societal Factors from 1975 to present
Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992)
Estimate population
El Salvador by 2050population will reach 6,847,135
United States by 2050 population will reach 398,328,000
These populations are just a small fraction of the world population. El Salvador is a small country and high murder rates.The united states is a growing country with lots of resources for growth and is way bigger than El Salvador
Continuation of population trends
a rapidly falling death rate, a continued high birth rate, and a very young population, i.e., a high proportion of the national population under age twenty.
Population Pyramid
Gangs and Violence
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