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future technology

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of future technology

by Caitlin Struk
future technology
iwatch-the smart clock on ios7 with curved screen
Nexus 6 with curved display
Followed by Samsung,company 91mobiles has created a concept of a curved the Nexus 6. Powerful and rugged mobile device can become the new flagship of gadgets based on Android this year.The Nexus 6 concept phone,designed by 91mobiles is takes inputs from public opinion. 91mobiles simply gathered information about what people wanted and created this Google Nexus smartphone concept.Indian designers
waterless toilet
Waterless Toilets Technology
An advertisement for a composting toilet might simply state, "First it's poop, then it's plant food." The first decision is whether to buy or build the toilet. A dozen or more companies sell prefabricated, waterless composting toilets. Home versions can cost anywhere from $850 to as much as $4,000

In the teen bedroom, shown in the first slide, it again takes only a few voice commands and hand gestures to transform the room into a guest room for “grandma”. The digital wall paper, image in the digital frame on the bedside table and door-mounted “poster” are replaced in an instant with no effort or cost. No-one really knows what homes of the future will look like,

A touch-screen for displaying information. In this context, home owners can access things like shopping lists, recipes and health information. RFI tags in packaging for cooking ingredients automatically trigger recipe suggestions, while recipe choices automatically update shopping lists.

The living room boasts two futuristic screens made from specially coated glass to display rear-projected images. The screen on the left is for accessing music, images and information on the home computer system, while the one of the right functions as a decorative screen that changes according to the mood lighting selected by the home owner.

smart computer headphones
Google Glass glasses are not yet accessible to a wide range of users, and scientists and researchers have developed the new smart personal wearable gadgets. Here device, the hallmark of which is the lack of displays.Japanese engineers began testing a miniature computer Earclip-type Wearable PC, which weighs 17 g is attached to the user's ear. The device has a built-in sensor GPS, compass, gyroscope

videophone inTouch
always in touch with friends and family.
Separation from loved ones is often unbearable. Fortunately, in our time with friends and family can communicate in many different ways. For example, using unusual videophone inTouch.Gadget designed, to create a truly live communication between people, regardless of distance. Moreover, it combines all the advantages of modern means of communication: phone , video chat and the social networking

Design Studio developed the original concept the "smart" hours iWatch, representing a cross between a fitness bracelet Nike FuelBand and smartphone iPhone. In device mounted large display and user interface takes advantage of the mobile platform Apple.Unlike previous solutions, the new concept iWatch shows wearable computer under the control of the operating system iOS 7 and equipment
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