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Why Harold Godwinson should have been king.

Everyone in my class assigned one of the four people who thought they should have been king all those years ago.

Dominic Frost

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Why Harold Godwinson should have been king.

Why Harold Godwinson should have been king. And why the other contenders shouldn't. Why Harold should have been chosen * Very rich.
*Very powerful man.
*Good soldier.
*Earl of Hereford.
*Earl of East Anglia.
*Sister was Edward the Confessor's wife.
*Father was Earl of Wessex. A brief history Born: 1022
Died: 14 October 1066
Parentage: Father was Earl of Wessex – Mother was Gytha Thorkelsdottir.
House: House of Godwin Why the other contenders shouldn't be king Why have a foreigner for a British king?
We don't need any more Danes (although they make nice pasties) so that should rule out Harold Hadraada. That Bohemian fella is merely a boy, so worthless I can't even remeber his name. And lets face it, no one likes the French. Goodbye William. In fact, William ALSO has Danish heritage so I see no reason what so ever why he should even be considered as king. Far too violent anyway. A bit like Harold Hadraada. So he shouldn't be king either. And Bohemian fella is the complete opposite and can't even pick up a sword. My final argument against William (I'll leave him alone after this) is that his parents weren't married. I just felt like I should mention that. This was made by... ...Dominic Frost, Jamie Tew and Daniel Williams... ...but mostly Dominic. Thank You Watching For Our Rather Boring Presentation
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