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Magic Coast Interactive Online Training Services

This is a short presentation about Magic Coast and what an e-Learning system from Magic Coast offers.

Bill D

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Magic Coast Interactive Online Training Services

effective & efficient
What is Interactive e-Learning?
Interactive e-Learning
e-Learning delivers training to staff via live video and interactive tools over the Internet.
Incorporates instructional design from experts in lifestyle product training
Leverages your existing training materials or allows for collaboration on a new approach
Includes interactive testing, communication and real-time polls
Utilizes innovative interactive participant engagement techniques
improve customer service with a cost-effective solution that helps ensure consistent results across every layer of your organization
Provides better engagement and participation than with other web-based training options
Supplements or replaces existing training with truly interactive virtual experiences - often at a lower cost
Delivers desktop, mobile and conference room access - reaching your participants around the world
Instantly addresses competitive challenges with live updates or town-hall meetings
Why Interactive e-Learning?
Avoids frustrating and unreliable DIY (do it yourself) conferencing or streaming services
Thank you for your time and kind consideration


Builds excitement and social interactions between participants across the globe
Magic Coast has over 10 years of experience delivering high quality, reliable video over the Internet for organizations large and small
We use highly reliable, dedicated national networks to deliver your video, suitable for mission critical communications
We deliver true HD quality, perfect for large displays or projections
Our system has been developed and refined by a team of streaming professionals and utilized on five continents
Who is
Magic Coast?
We're experienced at integrating our platform with corporate single-sign-on requirements
Some past and current clients and those who have utilized our service.
* training page layout suggestion
from Magic Coast
With layers of redundancy and fail-over protection, the Magic Coast system excels in providing reliable, resilient user experiences
How it Works
live e-Learning is effective at delivering training or
information that would benefit from real-time
question & answer or polling participants

New product launches where walk-arounds and Q&A are an effective means of exploring the product
Hands-on demonstrations of product use and features where feedback from trainees is helpful to improving training content
Time sensitive information delivery, such as changes in corporate strategy or marketing objectives
Time sensitive delivery of critical competitive product information when the landscape changes
Suggested Applications
Where taking attendance, gathering real-time feedback and trainee compliance is critical
* Suggested Training Application
How to
employee training
, incorporate
interaction and trainee
, cost effectively?
There is a reason that large organizations across the globe have taken advantage of the value represented by e-Learning systems.

While developing e-Learning content can be somewhat expensive compared to equivalent instructor-led training, the difference becomes virtually irrelevant and even turned upside down when spread over a large group of geographically diverse trainees - across the country or the world.
Contact us to learn more about what e-Learning and the Magic Coast platform can do for you.

Visit us on the web at
or contact us via email at
We live in a remote control world . . .
How it Works
Magic Coast
Panther Media Encoders
in Action
Panther Media Encoders are simple to install and are completely remote controlled. Power, Internet and SDI or HDMI video is all you need, and the rest is Magic.
Interactive features that help the Magic Coast platform stand out from the rest
How it Works
Cloud-based management and scheduling so you can work from anywhere
How it Works
polls and instant results
synchronized slides
timed subtitles
questions and responses
calendar of events
* Stream pre-recorded video as live for real-time interaction without the risk of a live production
VOD-as-Live *
shows on a schedule
set it and forget it
custom CSS
moderated questions
manage polls
add timed subtitles
synchronize slides
send messages
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