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Brand Logic: Strategy + Design = Success

No description

Marilyn Trent

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Brand Logic: Strategy + Design = Success

Brand Logic:
Strategy + Design

October 24, 2013
Presented by:
Those internal things that make
you UNIQUE are called Unique Selling Points or USPs.
Each of
has a distinct and
BRANDING is how we present ourselves to those
we want to influence
Strong brands are made by discovering those
core truths...
Example #4
Your Passions
Your Sense of Humor
Your Talents
Everything that sets you apart from those around you
Our clothes
Our hair
Our presentation style
Just like you
To be SUCCESSFUL, a businesses must discover its
UNIQUE BRAND by looking within.
It must also continually develop that brand -
and work to keep it strong and relevant.
Example #2
Detroit Food Policy Council
DFPC is values based
DFPC is dedicated to inclusionary engagement
DFPC is a valued resource (aspirational)
DFPC fosters thoughtful deliberation
DFPC is passionate
Essence Statement
The Detroit Food Policy Council, birthed by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, has been leading the way to greater food justice in Detroit since 2009. It’s approach, based upon respect, transparency, and integrity, shows its commitment to being an intentionally
organization. With its dedication toward
including all voices
within the food system, DFPC is a
valued resource
for food policy, both locally and regionally. Its
deliberative approach
assures a thorough and thoughtful discourse of food issues helping to influence and create policies that improve local food system outcomes. Add to that the
of its staff and Council Members and you have an organization that is certain to realize its vision for a healthy, economically stable, hunger-free populace in the City of Detroit.
Example #3
The Metiss Group
What sets the Metiss Group apart?

Example #4 cont
needs content
needs content
Let's start
with the
What is a
It's the WHO, WHAT, and WHY
The unique attributes, the DNA, that separate someone/thing from the all that is around them (the competition) and makes them/it stand out
Now to
BRANDING is the tactical applications that bring the the unique attributes of the brand to life VISUALLY:
Detroit Food Policy Council
Tactical Application: Event Direct Mail
those 3–5 USPs that
set a business APART
and then making sure there is
EVIDENCE to back them up and
ongoing ACTION
to operationalize or develop them.
more content for #4
content goes here
Others can influence your brand, but
the ESSENCE (that who, what and why) of your brand
is YOU....
and how you act better match up with
who you say you are, or
your brand won't be
They are the
outward expressions that help tell your UNIQUE STORY.
When a Brand Strategy
is married with
brilliant Creative Design you have:
Example #1
Trent Design had expanded its capabilities and increased its offerings. It needed to look at
itself and validate its who, what, and why.

We did that through an
1. CARING for our customers is our number one priority
2. We are insatiably CURIOUS
3. We inspire great CHANGE (aspirational)
4. We are positively TENACIOUS

btw, we can back these up with EVIDENCE!
Positioning Statement

Name update: Trent
Essence Statement

about deep strategic thinking, brilliant creative execution,
and most of all, our client’s success. And we consistently help them achieve this
through our focus on flexibility, and resourcefulness;
and always being
curious, tenacious
and completely down to earth.
The outcome of our approach has been the same for more than 20 - years:
Big, positive, and inspired change
– for the better.

Ask anyone here what we really care about and they’ll say:
our unabridged approach results in solutions that will
make sure our clients are first – in their market,
in their category, or in
whatever they are striving for.

You can't stop with DISCOVERING
the "who, what, and Why"
of a brand.....
you must DEVELOP the brand
and that
As professionals, we continually
work to develop our individual "brand."
we're pushing more than pixels.
without equally great BRAND EXPRESSION
(or design) falls flat...
and, visa versa.
You are unique
because of what makes
you, you!
Now for some

Companies that are brand driven:
Southwest Airlines
Have leadership and employees that embody what the brand stands for every day - they are walking billboards for that brand
The have an internal culture that revolves around the customers relationship with that brand
THEY UNDERSTAND the power of the brand both internally and externally

Profitable every year since 1973
Never had a layoff
Never cut salaries
Highest percentage of customer satisfaction
For 10 years in a row, recognized as one of Fortune Magazine's most admired companies

They have operationalized
their brand:
by delivering it across every touch-point both internally (employees) and externally (customers and stakeholders) 24/7.
People working together
People liking each other
People respecting each other
boil down to
Marketing strategies and tactics that are visually engaging
Marketing strategies and tactics that are on target and resonate with the intended audience

Trent's process:
We distill 3-5 USP's down
to a Brand Essence Statement,
and then again to a
Positioning Statement
that expresses how a brand will be positioned
in marketplace.
southwest's brand positioning led to this current campaign.....
USPs = Unique Selling Points
or Propositions
The 3-5 things that makes a person, business, or organization unique - that only they can lay claim to and that they can back up with EVIDENCE.
Brand Essence or Brand Story
A short paragraph that takes all the USPs,
and clearly communicates the
unique "who, what, and why"
of an individual or a business.
Whether we recognize it or not, we have some sort of a brand strategy; although for most, it is probably not clearly defined.
EVERY interaction that every employee, customer, or stakeholder has with the
company and with each other.
New logo with
positioning statement

The Who and What comes from
The WHY adds an emotional component; its the purpose, cause, or belief behind the brand.
Everyone knows WHAT they do; some know HOW they do what they do;
but few can articulate WHY.
Businesses that are connected to the WHY...
Have a growth rate triple that of competitors in their categories. *
*millward brown optimor
The WHY is not a
Vision Statement
or a Mission Statement
Its the SOUL of the organization
It focuses on employees, customers, & potential customers
It goes beyond career aspirations, product development, and marketing
The WHY can only be articulated by unearthing the heart and soul behind an organization
You must start from the inside... and work out.
Brand Strategy
The process of building a brand that will encourage substantial brand loyalty
Creating the BRAND VALUE that connects the consumer to your brand over all others
Brand Value
The ECONOMIC POWER of what the name
stands for.

APPLE'S intangible brand value stands at
Previously known as HR Advantage, the client asked Trent to help position the renamed company, The Metiss Group, in the marketplace by creating the Brand Identity, Positioning, and Brand Expression.
Their unique scientific approach to employee selection
Their proven processes for team building, leadership skills & accountability
Their passion for transferring knowledge to their clients

Essence Statement
The Metiss Goup are experts in human behavior in the workplace environment. They use a
scientific approach

proven processes
to solve employee selection, performance, acceleration, and sales issues. Their
passion for transferring

to their clients shows their complete dedication to empowering leaders to accelerate
the performance of their team.
Positioning Statement
Behavior Experts at Work
How did we translate this info from the written word to visual expression?

Trent created its standard carefully crafted creative brief that went through several rounds of approvals. Despite this, the first set of logos were not on target. Remembering that the client was going to be a singer, we asked her to describe the feeling she wanted to invoke in musical terms.

The clients response? Jazzy, fluid and melodic but with a structure.

Trent helped her communicate that The Metiss Group's approach is not a linear process but a fluid collaborative exercise between the company and its clients.

The Result?
A logo that clearly expressed the brand essence of the company as well as created a bold visual statement in the marketplace:
HR Advantage Website
The Metiss Group Website
Example #4
Emblique Skin Care
Case Study
Great design.
No strategy.

Trent was approached by the client to create a website and packaging for a new anti-aging
skin care line.
A direct sales business model would be implemented and 30 personal consultants had already committed to selling the products.
The product had been tested and found to be effective if used consistently and correctly.
Its price point was similar to that of many products found in the better department stores.
And, with over 90 million people using anti-aging products, and many of them dissatisfied with performance, Emblique had the
basic ingredients to succeed.
Within this very competitive marketplace
it would be KEY to
discover Embliques USPs and strategically position it to create the brand value that would establish it as the best choice.

Having consistent messaging at all touchpoints would be critical.
Initiate a strategic Brand Discovery process
Determine Positioning and overall campaign visual look and feel (Brand Expression)
Conduct consumer research to validate positioning
Create website, packaging, marketing materials, brochures, and sales materials that consistently communicated Emblique's unique benefits
Supply consultants with key messaging points and materials to reinforce Emblique's unique benefits
Create a cross-channel marketing campaign, including social media, for a unified product launch
Utilize an ongoing social media strategy as a marketing and sales tool
Trent's Recommendations
The way the process worked
The logo had already be created with no thought as
to the company's unique brand story.
The logo's graphic was confusing and seemed to represent infant or baby related products.

None of the steps that Trent recommended
were completed. There was no Brand Strategy on which to base the external communications.
The website
Trent created a website that was graphically stunning and
user-friendly, but without a strategic identity, it was unable to communicate what set Emplique apart from its competitors.
Banner Ad
A beautifully designed banner ad was created.
But with no compelling message and the lack of a strategic communications plan, it was rendered useless.
The end result?
The product launch was a failure.
Emblique was unable to establish itself in the marketplace as a product that communicated its unique benefits that compelled buyers to purchase it instead of the skin care system they were already using.

Emblique went bankrupt in under 24 months.
The results?
The Mettis Group had an increase of 39% the first year and now 3 years later they are seeing a 25% increase per year and are hiring new employees.

"Trent Design's ability to visualize our vague logo concept by unusual descriptors I provided, and then build an visual identity around that was incredible.
The website is so strong, we actually have people going there after being referred to us by other clients or colleagues and contacting us through the website, rather than through the email introduction. What more could anyone want? "

Cyndi Gave, The Metiss Group - Behavior Experts at Work
A Brand must also have the EVIDENCE to
back up its distinction
or it won't be believable.
Ad campaigns
A spokesperson
TV/Radio ads
We call this Brand Expression
This process is the foundation of the Brand Strategy.
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