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Public Art

No description

Daniel Ridgway

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Public Art

What is Public Art? Break it down:
Public; /pblik/; adjective
1. of or concerning the people as a whole
2. done, perceived, or existing in open view
; noun
1. The public [treated as singular or plural] ordinary people in general; the community.
; phrases
1. Go public: reveal details about a previously private concern
2. In public: in view of other people; when others are present

Art; /a:t/; noun
1. Mass noun: the expression or application or human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power “Art is language and public art is public speech” - Jonathan Jones, The Guardian “Public art is about the free field, the play of creative vision” - Patricia Phillips, Art Journal “Public art, in all its diversity, can mediate all spaces as Places” - John Newling, Artist ‘‘I see what you mean’’ Lawrence Argent Colorado Convention Centre, 2005 Giant 40-foot high blue bear peeking into the lobby “To me, it’s kind of like the bear needs the building,
and the building needs the bear” “Torques Ellipses” Richard Serra Steel installation, 1998 Fluid, malleable spaces Alters depth of perception and vision,
creates surreal succession of spaces Cosanti by Paolo Soleri Cosanti is located in central Phoenix Place of manufacture for the Soleri Bells Soleri is the inventor of 'Arcology' Use of simple materials: concrete formwork to create
buildings and features Roy Zipstien is a Calfornian photographer. He strives to get under the skin of his subjects, and capture a part of who they are and how they live. "The Astronaut" by Victor Ash “It is one of those images - black on white - which imprints itself on the retina so that if you pass by, walking or riding on a subway train, and you close your eyes for a moment there will still be a miniature spaceperson lingering in front of your eyes, accompanying you on your way through the city.”
- Miriam Nielsen, Curator Located in Berlin, Germany. Looks like a giant stencil but is a mural. His work explores the idea of matter and non-matter, creating voids and mass. Anish Kapoor Site Visits MANCHESTER The Big Horn Sculpture The Big Horn Tree of Remembrance sculpture with purpose expression large scale any purpose? for the sake of expression elegance achieving a sense of movement within stationary objects can words be art? whose words are these? natural elements context and placement finding meaning BRADFORD Inspirational Art historical reference sewing the city together contrasting materials does size matter? functional art corporate hard materials, soft light safe passage Twisting
Space making
Pillar Two curvilinear pillars are constructed from old railway tracks, which conjoin at the pillar top with fibre-optic capsules. The iron tracks radiate down and round towards the old railway arches LEEDS iconic art of Leeds City Architecture art near, on and in "Angry at the gentrification of the Corn exchange,
And it feels somehow,
Like natural release,
Being dead in Leeds" local poetry "The golden owls
Are unmoved as ever
Bloody golden owls
Here of all places
Stabbing haughty glances
above heads
Won't see 'em
Swoop down ever now" local poetry Mandela Peace Gardens local history filtering down to local people negative space power art within arms reach? FOOT STUCK
OF HUNG COUNCILS surreal humanoid forms fantastical looks like a millipede bad choice of base playing with shadows playing with shadows playing with shadows ducking and diving wings strange choice for a hospital... CLARENCE DOCK 1849 - Etching looking north towards Briggate 1873 - Leeds Bridge Post 1873 - Use of the water History of Clarence Dock 1890 Map of South East Leeds Originally called New Dock
Constructed in 1843
Predominantly used for the transport of coal and wool, that fed the textile industry
Use of the dock declined as Leeds City Centre grew and industry slowed
Industries moved south and away from the centre
Officially ended its service in 1990
Previous developer named it 'Clarence Dock'
£250million input between 2001 and 2007 The Dock suppressive frontage dead street where's the pitch? Analysis Allied London Proposals Allied London Proposals CONCEPT Dwell Dwell; /dwel/
Verb: Live in or at a specific place
Noun: A slight regular pause in the motion of a machine
Past and past participle: dwelt and dwelled Case Studies - Interaction Longest Bench in the World Littlehampton, Sussex. By StudioWeave Opened July 2010
Seats over 300 with views to the beach below
Meanders around street furniture
Dips down below ground level to allow for access across
Claims space and makes space
Members of the public can use wooden slats for dedications and messages
The wooden slats are reclaimed from old seaside groynes
Provides space for rest and play Tape Art in Melbourne Federation Square Isamu Noguchi Artist, Sculptor, Landscape Architect

Japanese-American heritage
Most recognised for the 'Noguchi Table'

Minimalist playspace
Creation of voids and spaces
Encouraged direction
Statement design Inversion by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck Converted from an educational facility in Houston, Texas into a vortex-like structure.

It is possible to walk all the way through with a small 24-inch circular exit, drawing people through and creating a false perspective.

Attracts many visitors to experience the surreal journey.

The installation of this sculpture meant that the building was saved from demolition. Experimental, large scale public art, commissioned by the Melbourne Civic Centre.

The tape structure stretches the full 16m of the Federation Square, which is the longest span of a tape structure to date.

People can crawl into the spaces and navigate the contorting tunnels.

It achieves a play on movement and enclosure. Sketch Designs creating shapes, spaces and voids inspiration from hives, webs, nests making usable space further ideas from existing art A HIVE OF ACTIVITY abstraction of a hive central space web-like support - sticking the site together up, across and through like stacked pebbles strung up climbing clambouring Aerial plan Section Making spaces Shapes from a bee hive THE HIVE The two works shown here highlight his exploration into shape and void. Below left: Sky Mirror, Kensington Gardens
Below right: Leviathan, Middlesborough
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