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Austin Wilsons D.C Trip

Writing and showing pictures about the places i went to. You will learn alot.

Christopher Wilson

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of Austin Wilsons D.C Trip

Double click anywhere & add an idea ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY To my left is the tomb of the unknown soldier. They have a man guarding the tomb at all times. They have a ceremony where they change the guard. The man being the new guard has to be perfect. His gun has to be perfectly cleaned. So does his clothes and boots. As you can see there is a lot of soldiers baried here. When you die in a battle your family can choose to burry you where they want or in Arlington national cemetery. Robert E. Lees Home This is where Robert E. Lee lived before the war. From the front door of the house you can see Washington D.C. As you know his family and him can't stay there during the civil war. The purpose of the eternal flame is to show respect towards John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy's Eternal Flame Lincoln Memorial Pamplin Park The memorial has two of his famous speeches. The Gettysburg Adress and The 2nd Inagural Adress. In The 2nd Inagural there was a mistake; in the word future hey had an e i nstead of a f. Aberham Lincoln was the president during the war trying to keep are union together unfortunatley it led to war. He was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth in april of 1865. Pamplin Park was an actual battlefield during the civil war. This was an actual plantation in Virginia. During the war they donated there land and home to the confederate army so they had places to live it was a perfect spot.
We learned what would happen to you if you commited a crime for example stealing. You would get a talk to depending on the Commander of the camp. If continued you would be publicly humiliated. AMERICAN HISTORY MUSEUM The American History Museum had many exhibits from prestidents to sports and even transportation. They also had all wars America was in or envolved in.

For an example in the presidents section they would have a president, then they would have one of their things that was important to them while in office. Also they had things that were important to our culture. For example a pair of ice skates from a famous person.
The Museum was trying to simulate the journey through the holocaust; from being captured to liberation. They have the museum so people can learn about it, and also so it will not happen again. Also it is for remembrance of the dead and survivors. It is a place where people can show emotion and see what would of happened to there ancestors. These would be the shoes that were left behind. The Nazis would use the shoes for there own people. They would not let anything go to waste. THis could be the conditions the childeren and adults in the holocaust could of looked like. They were that starved they had barely any fat on them. JEFFORSON MEMORIAL If you noticed the Jefferson Memorial is faced toward the white house. This was planned this way because they wanted to make sure that Rosevelt could see him. This is a very important memorial because Thomas Jefferson is a very important person in american history
HOlOCAUST MUSEUM WORLD WAR 2 MEMORIAL This was a very important memorial because the men from the US were not just fighting for us they were fighting for the world to put down an empire trying to take over the world. Also something to understand it was not just amerians fighting against the nazis and Japaneese, there were others fighting for liberation in there country and in others. This memorial shows alot of remembrence and honor of the soldiers dieing in battle. FRANLIN D. ROSEVELT In this picture rosevelt is sitting beside a radio cause he is getting information on the war going on from the radio. He had alot of quotes and speaches at his memorial. They all had a purpose and a true meaning

This was by far my favorite. This was a very big memorial. To learn and understand it you had to look hard cause it was dark.
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