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The Westing Game

No description

group four

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of The Westing Game

Main Characters and Descriptions Events Indirect/Direct Characterization Indirect- Turtle
For example, readers can assume that Turtle is a negleacted child when we find out the her room is the closet, when this event happened, "Thump, thump. Sydelle pulaski appeared in the doorway. 'Hi, What's everybody doing in the closet?' 'See, I told you this is a closet,' Turtle said. Grace ignored the complaint. It did no good being nice to the ungrateful child, never satisfied, always whining about something or another."

Indirect- Sam Westing
Readers can assume that Sam Westing acts as many different people and has more than one identity. When this event happened, "'You should have remembered that before you kicked him," Denton Deere remarked. 'I never kicked Sandy, never.' The intern turned sideways in his chair in case of attack. 'Well, someone kicked him today. That was one mean bruise he had on his chin.' 'That's a lie, that's a disgusting lie,' Turtle shouted. 'The only person I kicked today was Barney Northrup and he deserved it. I didn't even see Sandy today until tonight at the Westing house. Right, Baba?'" Readers can assume that Barney Northrup and Sandy are the same person because of this event Setting The setting of the story is in the Sunset Towers in Westingtown, Michigan. The tone is suspicious because everyone is suspicious of each other being the murderer. Turtle questions everyone about what they know about Westing and his death (Raskin 165). The mood of the story is competitive when the players begin to hide their clues and try to win (Raskin 67) By:Ellen Raskin The Westing Game conflict Event #3 Event #4 Event #6 Event #7 Event #9 Event #10 The Beginning The story starts out with the Sunset Towers, a glittery, glassy apartment house. A delivery boy went around sending letters to the chosen tenants and the letters were signed by Barney Northrup. The tenants are Flora Baumbach, Theodorakis, Sydelle Pulaski, the Wexlers, the Hoos, and Judge Ford. Event #2 At the end of October, Turtle Wexler saw smoke coming out the the Westing house. She ran outside and told Otis, Sandy, Theo, and Doug about what she saw. Otis said that Westing is probably dead. He also said that his corpse was on ground, rotting off the bones, and maggots were creeping into his eyes and out of his nose holes. Turtle then bet 2 dollars for every minute she spent in the Westing house. Soon after Turtle went into the Westing House, Edgar Jennings Plum, Westing’s lawyer, called the heir, and declared Westing dead. During the read of the will, Westing seems to have predicted what his heirs’ actions would be and seemed to be yelling at them when they did as he predicted. He claimed that his death was a murder. The point of the game was to pair up in teams, which were pre-chosen and find out who the murderer was. There was a money prize of $10,000 a pair, and many were eager to join. Westing paired up each of the heirs, from the will in the game room at the mansion. The six pairs are: Turtle with Flora Baumbach, Mr.Hoo is with Grace, Mrs. Hoo and Jake Wexler, Doug Hoo and Theo Theodorakis, Judge Ford is paired with Sandy McSouthers, Otis Amber is paired with Crow, and the last pair is Angela and Sydelle Pulaski. Whoever finds Westing’s murderer is the winner. Event #5 Each pair of heirs receives a set of clues and are told that what they don’t have is most important. Each pair looks at their clues while Sydelle Pulaski and Angela decide to observe the other pairs’ clues to see if they can decode their own. Each of the pairs work against the other pairs to see if they can get a glance at their clues. Families are put against each other, to try to win the game. Each team tries to talk to other teams to try and coax clues out from them. For example, Grace Wexler believes that Turtle should at least tell her a clue because Grace is her mother. Sydelle’s shorthand notes are stolen by someone in Sunset Towers. The morning after, Sydelle put what she lost on an index card, and tacked it up the elevator wall. The board was an immediate success, and everyone began to post up their stolen things written on index card on the elevator wall. Theo invites the heirs to the coffee shop for a meeting about the game. Turtle decided to put a notice about her stolen objects. During the meeting in the coffee shop, Sydelle sees her shorthand notes in Mr. Hoo’s hand and calls him a thief. Mr. Hoo claims that somebody left the notes on the table of his restaurant. He said it was written in weird symbols. Sydelle reveals that she wrote in Polish, because she couldn’t trust any of the heirs Suddenly, earsplitting bangs, screams, and confusion break out. Mrs. Theodorakis runs out, covered in red. Sydelle thinks it’s blood and rushes to tell the others to call the fire department. Theo then comes out, saying that there’s no blood, instead it is tomato sauce. They try and figure what caused the explosion. The row of tomato sauce cans exploded all over the kitchen, and the fire extinguisher foam was everywhere. Event #8 On the day of Angela's wedding shower, she sits on a cushion and is surrounded by presents. She opens a few asparagus washers and egg poachers. She reaches for a tall, thin, golden, box. She slowly opens it. The lid blasts off with a sudden bang. The bomb goes, off and everyone is in panic. They run around and when the smoke clears, Angela is still sitting in the middle of the room, on the cushion, with a gash on her face. She gets moved to the hospital. Sydelle pretends to sleep on a bed next to Angela and she overhears Turtle saying that Angela is the bomber and it was stupid to hurt herself like that. A few days after Angela's incident, Theo jabs at the elevator button, trying to make it move faster. As it arrives, the door opens, and he sees a bomb on the floor. He jumps away and the door closes. When the bomb squad arrives, they see Turtle in the elevator badly singed. Judge Ford then talks to Turtle about the bomb, and Turtle admits to it. In order to protect Angela, Turtle admits to all the four bombs and promises to never do it again. Event #11 It is time for the players to reveal their answers, and they head over to the Westing House. Group 1, Madame Hoo and Jake Wexler's answer is Boom. Group 2, Mrs. Baumbach and Turtle's was $11,587.50. Christos Theodorakis and Denton Deere of group 3 submits the answer: Mr. Westing was a good man. Judge Ford and Sandy McSouthers as group 4 submits no answer. Group 5, Grace Wexler and James Hoo say it is Ed Plum. Berthe Erica Crow and Otis Amber say their answer: mother. Douglas Hoo and Theo Theodorakis have no answer. The last group, group 8 consists of Sydelle Pulaski and Angela Wexler. Their answer is Otis Amber. Sam Westing reveals through a letter saying they are all wrong. Suddenly, Sandy McSouthers collapses on the ground, and Doctor Sikes says that he is dead. Turtle Wexler
Turtle Wexler is the youngest of the Westing heirs and is described as "the kicking witch." Besides taking joy out of kicking people in the shins, Turtle is very intelligent and wants to make a fortune out of the stock market. The Wexlers Theo Theodorakis
When Theo is first introduced to readers, he is a high school senior. He believes family always comes first, and he is almost too willing to make sacrifices for his family. Throughout the book, Theo is displayed as responsible and always thinking about others before himself. The Theodorakis Christos Theodorakis
Chris defines himself as “birdwatcher.” He is fascinated by bird watching, and he eventually studies ornithology in the university and discovers rare species of birds. Along with being a birdwatcher, Chris is also very considerate and thoughtful. Although he is a disabled kid in a wheelchair who does not have control over his body and has trouble speaking, Chris is very intelligent. The Hoos Mr. Hoo is a frustrated inventor who ends up running his business as the owner of a Chinese restaurant called Shin Hoos's Chinese Cuisine. Mr. Hoo is also a highly competitive man, especially with the downstairs coffee shop. At first, Mr. Hoo seems like a good candidate for the murder, but readers later learn that he is a charitable and kind-hearted man who could never do such a thing to a person.

Madame Hoo is a culturally misunderstood woman and the wife of Mr. Hoo. Throughout the book, Madame Hoo is very quiet because she does not speak English. She desperately wants to return to China and this is proved when she begins to steal valuable belongings of other heirs to buy her ticket back home.

Doug Hoo is a very talented runner and star athlete. He is very focused on his athletic career and believes it can take him far. Doug is confident in his athletic abilities, determined, and he could care less about winning the inheritance. Miscellaneous Sydelle Pulaski is an overweight secretary who yearns the spotlight. She wants nothing more than to be noticed by everyone in the Sunset Towers. She even goes as far as faking an incurable disease that she calls a "wasting disease" and paiting her crutches to match her outfits.

Judge Josie-Jo Ford is an African-American woman and judge, who is very proud of her heritage and background. When she was younger, she lived in the Westing Estate because her parents worked for Sam Westing, who paid for her education. At frist, Judge Ford seems cold and snobby, but her soft side is revealed as she grows fond of Chris and her partner, Sandy.
Sandy McSouthers is the poorly-educated doorman of the Sunset Towers, and he is a bit of a mystery to readers. After working at Westing Paper Products for twenty years, he is fired and eventually becomes the doorman of the Sunset Towers. As Judge Ford’s partner in the Westing Game, Sandy helps keep track of all of the research the Judge does on each of the heirs; Judge Ford does not feel the need to investigate her partner. Although Sandy seems dumb, Sandy helps move the plot, and he influences much of the characters’ actions in the book. Berthe Erica Crow is the short-tempered cleaning lady of the Sunset Towers. Readers know she is a recovering alcoholic who has some sort of relationship with her partner Otis Amber. Readers also learn that Crow has sympathy and affection for Angela, who she thinks of as a blonde angel. After Sandy's death, Turtle begins questioning everyone about his death and Sam Westing's death as well. Crow admitted that she commited the crime, and she gets taken away by the cops. Turtle still continues to carefully question the other players. After she feels as if she's given up, Crow walks in through the doors, with the police claiming that she's innocent. A few years later, Turtle goes to find Julian R. Eastman, one of the four identities of Sam Westing. She finds him and at that point she wins the game. Then, they celebrate the marriage of Otis Amber and Crow at the Hoo's restaurant. In the end, five people had died, all together, on the same day, July the fourth. Julian R. Eastman, Samuel Westing, Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and Windy Windkloppel. Turtle marries Theo and Angela marries Denton Deere. Angela has a child who she names Alice. Alice plays chess with Turtle every Saturday. Conflict/ Problem Climax The conflict of the story starts when the will is read. The purpose of the game who "took" Sam Westing's life with a few clues left by Westing himself. Resolution The resolution is when Turtle wins the Westing game because she figures out the fourth identity of Sam Westing. As promised in the will, Turtle inherits the Westing Mansion and Westing wealth. The characters did evolve from the beginning because some of them died, and some matured. Turtle marries Theo and lives in the Westing House, renamed the Wexler-Theodorakis House. Angela is no longer engaged to Dr. Deere, and Chris studies ornithology and discovers a new parrot species. 6 Figures of Speech "He pushed back the gold braided cap and squinted at the house through his steel framed glasses as if expecting the curling smoke to write the answer in the autumn air." (Raskin 7) This is an example of personification because smoke can not write. The smoke is being personified as it curls through the air. Personification Simile "The slow procession looked like some ancient, mysterious, rite as partner sought out partner on the windowless stairs, and the silent pairs threaded through the corridors in the flickering light of the crooked, color-striped candles (the product of Turtle's stint at summer camp)." (Raskin 39). This is an example of a simile because it uses the word "like" to compare the procession in the Sunset Towers to an ancient rite. Theme Recommendation SAM WESTING I would recommend "The Westing Game", by Ellen Raskin to kids of all ages, especially those who enjoy mystery and puzzles. It includes a lot of suspense and drama. In the story, the characters have to solve and use deductions to to find out who murdered Sam Westing. There are many clues and secrets that the readers have to follow that keeps them on their toes wanting to read more. It makes you a part of the story, solving the mystery along with the characters. There are many surprises and twists in the story, so it never gets boring. This is a great book and I had a lot of fun reading "The Westing Game" as a group. The theme of the story is that people aren't who they always seem to be. Ru-Faan Chen Alice Liu Period 3 Mrs. Braun 5/7/13 Nicole Dominguez Alison Liu Kevin Pan Justin Ramirez Otis Amber is first seen as a delivery boy with a brain the size of a peanut. Eventually, readers discover Otis is actually a skilled private investigator who was hired by Sam Westing to protect the ex-Mrs. Westing. Also, Otis is a great secret keeper because when J.J. Ford hires him to investigate the other tenants he does not reveal the information he knows about Berthe Erica Crow. Miscellaneous The climax of the story is when Turtle thinks in her head, "That's it, that has to be it: the heir who wins the windfall will be the one who finds the fourth. Windy Windkloppel took four names, and she knew who the fourth one was." I think this is the climax because this is when you realize that Sam Westing was also acting as four other people, and the others had taken over Sam Westing's life. Turtle knew that both Sandy and Barney were the same person as Sam Westing. Therefore, you know who is going to win the game. This is the climax. Onomatopoeia "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" (Raskin 174) This quote is under the figure of language called onomatopoeia. It is an onomatopoeia because the word "boom" is representing the sound of fireworks on the Fourth of July, when they also burned the Westing house to the ground. Personification "...orange flames, red flames leaping from the windows, sparking the turrets, firing the trees...." (Raskin 174). This is an example of personification, because flames can not literally leap. The red flame is being personified to leaping from windows. Barney Northrup was kicked in the shin by Turtle Wexler, but it also appeared on Sandy McSouthers's shin, however Turtle never kicked him Turtle figured out the "fourth" and won the game, also proving that Sam Westing had many different identities. The theme is shown when Sandy McSouthers is found "dead" and that they find a big bruise on his shin. They said that Turtle kicked him but she says that the only person she kicked that day was Barney Northrup, readers can identify that Barney Northrup is the same person as Sandy because the same bruise appeared on Sandy's shin, which shows that not everyone is who they appear to be. It is then confirmed when in the will it says whoever can find the "Fourth" wins the "game". Turtle figures out the "Fourth", proving that Sam Westing had many different identities. THEME CIRCLES Character Action Results Seventh: And now my dear friends, relatives, and enemies, let the Westing Game begin.

The rules are simple:
Number of Players: 16, divided into 8 pairs
Each pair will receive $10,000.
Each pair will receive one set of clues.
Forfeits: If any player drops out, the partner must leave the game. The pair must return the money. Absent pairs forfeit the $10,000; their clues will be held until the next session.
Players will be given two days’ notice of the next session. Each pair may then give one answer.
Object of the game: to win. Eighth: The heirs will now be paired. When called, go to the assigned table. Your name and position will be read as signed on the receipt. It will be up to the other players to discover who you really are. Personification "Sandy placed a large hand on Turtle's shoulder, a comforting hand, a reassuring hand." (Raskin pg. 90) This is personification because a hand cannot simply reassure someone. Onomatopoeia "Thump-thump, thump-thump. 'Here come the victims,' Sydelle Pulaski announced." (Raskin 142). This is an example of an onomatopoeia because the "thump-thump" noise shows how Sydelle was on crutches. Grace Wexler
Grace Wexler is displayed as a superficial social climber who favors her gorgeous daughter, Angela, over her brown-haired daughter Turtle. Angela Wexler
Angela Wexler is the beautiful and pliant older daughter of Grace and Jake, who is defined by her upcoming marriage to Denton Deere. At first it seems like all Angela cares about is pleasing her mother, but her anger and hatred towards her mother's smothering is released when she becomes the bomber of the Sunset Towers. Jake Wexler
Jake Wexler is the dedicated and loving father of Angela and Turtle Wexler. He is a podiatrist, and readers later learn that he is also a bookie. He loves his wife Grace very much, but he is afraid that he will never be able to please her with the social and financial position she dreams of.
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