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Mythology in Modern Life

40 references to mythology in modern day life.

Jenae Bretsch

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Mythology in Modern Life

Double click anywhere & add an idea Mythology in Modern Life
Jenae Bretsch Ajax: Greek warrior in the trojan war who "cleaned up in battle.
Today: Ajax is a popular household cleaner
Ambrosia: the food of the Greek gods
Today: Ambrosia Natural Foods is a retail food store Apollo: The god of light, masculine beauty, and music
Today: The Apollo Theatre is a famous music hall in New York City Argus: a giant watchman with a hundred eyes
Today: Argus is a modern security company specializing in commercial business protection Ceto: A hideous aquatic creature, she is the personification of the horrors and dangers of the sea, regarded as the the mother of the Gorgons and many other monsters.
Today: Ceto Technologies produces high pressure seawater from the power of waves. Dionysus: God of wine
Today: There is Dionysus Wine and Spirits Company and many other wineries and taverns named after Dionysus Mythology in Modern Business Hercules: The greatest Greek god known for his strength
Today: There is a company called Hercules makes a top-selling video graphics card (their slogan is Legendary Strength, Quality and Performance) Midas: King with the golden touch, who transformed all he touched to gold
Today: Midas is a famous muffler and brake chain of service stations. Their motto is "Get the Midas touch." Nike: Winged goddess of Victory, who can run and fly at great speeds
Today: Nike is a famous company that sells athletic gear Nyx: The Primordial goddess of the night
Today: Club Nyx is a nightclub in California Odyssey: The 10-year sea voyage endured by the Trojan War hero, Odysseus, as he sought to return home to Ithica
Today: Odyssey Travel is a well known travel agency Pandora: The first woman in Greek mythology, whose name means "all-gifted"
Today: Pandora sells quality gift merchandise and jewelry Poseidon: God of the Sea and brother of Zeus
Today: Poseidon Seafood is a national brand of seafood products Selene: The mood goddess
Today: The Selene Team's goal is "to land a remote-controlled lunar rover on the Moon which must then travel a minimum of 500 meters over the lunar surface, while at the same time, sending high-definition images and video as well as other data back to Earth." Venus: Roman for Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love
Today: The Venus razor is popular for women. Vulcan: Roman name for Hephaestus, god of the smiths and the forge
Today: Vulcan Industries is an international manufacturer of steel products Aphrodite: The goddess of love and beauty
Today: The Dove soap symbol was inspired by Aphrodite's symbol, the dove. Odyssey: The 10-year sea voyage endured by the Trojan War hero, Odysseus, as he sought to return home to Ithica.
Today: The Odyssey is a minivan manufactured by Honda Aegis: An aegis was Zeus and Athena's protective sheild
Today: Aegis is a modern day security risk and management company Aegis: An aegis was Zeus and Athena's protective sheild
Today: The Aegis Combat System is a naval weapons system that uses powerful computers and radars to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets. Antheia: A goddess from the island of Crete, Antheia was the goddess of vegetations, lowlands, marshlands, gardens, blossoms, the budding earth and human love
Today: There are Antheia Flowers companies all over the U.S. Hades: The god of the underworld
Today: Hades is a brand of beer The Siren: The siren, was an alluring and irresistible female figure, typically half-fish/half-women. The siren's objective was to a seduce the seagoing mariner with a powerful enticing song most often to the unfortunate demise of the susceptible sailor who could not resist temptation.
Today: In the center of the Starbucks logo is a siren. It is intended to represent the irresistible and seductive quality of the coffee itself. Athena: The Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill.
Today: The capital of Greece, Athens, is named after the goddess Athena Mythology in Modern Products Mythology in Modern Places Achilles: The greatest warrior of the Trojan War, killed only when an arrow struck his heel, the only vulnerable spot on his body
Today: Achilles, Virginia is named after him Ares: One of the 12 Olympians, the despised god of war
Today: Ares Peak, New Mexico is named after him Argos: The hundred-eyed watchman of Hera, slain by the Greek messenger god Hermes
Today: Argos, Indiana is named after him Aurora: The Roman goddess of the dawn, similar to the Greek Eos
Today: Aurora, Illinois is named after her Ceres: The Roman goddess of the harvest, similar to the Greek goddess Demeter
Today: Ceres, California was named after her Clio: One of the nine Muses of Greek mythology
Today: Clio, Alabama was named after it Crete: The island where Zeus was raised as a baby while hiding from the wrath of his father, Cronus
Today: Crete, Illinois was named after it Medusa: Terrible monster whose glance would petrify you, killed by the hero Perseus
Today: Medusa Cement Company was named after her Amazon: Race of huge warrior women
Today: www.amazon.com is a huge online bookstore Trident: The three-pronged spear of Poseidon, god of the seas
Today: Trident Gum is a popular gum. (Note: 'Tria' is Greek for 'three' and 'donti' means 'tooth'; hence, Trident translates literally as 'three-teeth', or 'triple-toothed'. Trident Gum, if one is to believe the advertising, helps to clean your teeth, thus the allusion.) Trojan: Inhabitants of the mighty city that was destroyed by the Greeks during the Trojan War, after a siege of ten years
Today: Trojan is an international manufacturer of condoms and birth control products. Nyx: Primordial goddess of the night
Today: Nyx Cosmetics is a makeup line Mercury: Roman name for Hermes, the Messenger god
Today: Mercury Records is an entertainment records label Hermes: Olympian Herald and Messenger god
Today: The FTD flower delivery company incorporates Hermes and his winged heels in their logo. Eos: Goddess of the Dawn
Today: Eos Lip Balm is a popular new trend Elysium: The dwelling place of the blessed, where those chosen by the gods live.
Today: The Elysium Hotel is on the island of Mykonos
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