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Listening For Lucca


Char Russekoff

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Listening For Lucca

Above is a picture of Maine's beautiful beaches.
Listening for Lucca is written by Suzanne LaFleur. The book takes you through the life of a girl named Siena who never really fit in. Her parents moved to Maine for a better life and work opportunities. When in Maine Siena finds a pen, this pen has the initials S.E.A. which stands for Sara Elizabeth Alberdine, I haven't found out much about the name yet. Whenever Siena picks up this pen it somehow takes her to a second story told by the first person. The second story is about a girl in the civil war. Siena's brother is named Lucca. One day Lucca just stopped talking, hence the title, Listening For Lucca. Shortly after the family moved to Maine Siena asks Lucca a question, "Why don't you talk?", Lucca's response was, "I just don't want to." Siena's parents don't know about this yet.
Listening For Lucca
Themes of the book
Be yourself. You don't always have to change for the benefit of others, but change for yourself.
Patience. Let everything come naturally, do not force it.
Internal/External Conflict
The Internal Conflict: Siena is faced with many challenges in this book, but the main one is staying close to her family and never forgetting that family is family despite how they act or how they are.
Another Internal Conflict: Fitting in and understanding her new surroundings. Before Siena moved to Maine she was the girl who never fit in. Siena is trying to prevent that again, but as the book progresses Siena starts to realize that it isn't bad to be different. Siena begins to make friends, but she is still the same. Siena will hopefully be able to keep it going, but she'll have to try.
By Suzzane LaFleur
Listening for Lucca
The Plot
What The Book is
Listening For Lucca is a mystery because on the cover of the book there is a question on the cover, "Could the key to the future lie in the past?". This question makes the book a mystery because the book is based on this question and why and will Siena's brother fully open up. About halfway through the book Lucca tells Siena why he doesn't talk, but that doesn't answer all her questions.
Who I Suggest This To & How Much I Liked It
I give this book a 8 out of 10 stars because at sometimes the author puts in very long segments of what is going through the character mind even when it is unnecessary. I would suggest this book to anybody who loves calm mystery and fiction books.
Presentation By Char Russekoff
Main Characters, Lucca and Siena.
Lucca: Is Sinea's younger brother, he doesn't talk because he just doesn't want to
Siena: Lucca's older sister, never fits in and collects left behind trash
Sam: Siena's new friend, Lucca's paid manny.
Others: Siena's and Lucca's parents, Morgan, Mrs. Lang.
The plot in Listening For Lucca is that two children must form an unbreakable bond to help each other overcome the difficulties that they face in their new life.
Thanks, any questions?
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