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Inclusion Of Textbooks With College Tuition

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Ann White

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Inclusion Of Textbooks With College Tuition

Inclusion Of Textbooks With College Tuition
Ease of Financial Aid
The vast majority of college students today pay their tuition with student loans and whatever money they are able to save up. When taking out a loan, the company giving it wants specific details up front about what the money will be used for. Students may not know until the last minute about a textbook and therefore cannot request that allowance in their loan as they do not know price. It would be better if textbooks were included in tuition because that way when the loans are originally taken, so will the money for textbooks be there. Also, this would take the worry off students about a “last minute” book and where they would obtain the money to pay for it and when it would arrive.

Assurance of Correct Textbook

It would be simpler to have the textbooks included in the tuition so that students could simply go by their bookstore and get the book they need and have no worries over cost or if it is the right edition, author, etc.. The overall process for obtaining books would be much simpler.

Costs Would be Lower
Studies have actually shown that school’s that include textbooks in their tuition are able to obtain a reasonable discount on the textbooks due to buying in bulk. By doing this, this effectively saves the school and the students money. Schools buy a certain amount of textbooks every semester and often end up having to sell many back as they go unsold due to students shopping online to save money.This costs the school money, which they could save by guaranteeing that all of the books would be bought and students would save as much if not more than if they bought online.

One thing that hurts st
udents pockets more

than anything is the textbooks. We go through all these hoops to get student loans and save up money just to pay for tuition. You think you are done there, right? Wrong. Colleges do not include textbooks in with tuition and expect students to provide
whatever the pro
fessor requests. I will be making an argument for
why schools should
include textbooks in tuition because it will be easier on students financially, no student will have the wrong text
book for whichever
class they need text for, and cost for books over al
l would be lower.
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