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the amazing taiga biome

by David Heinemann

David Heinemann

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of the amazing taiga biome

THE AMAZING TAIGA Did you know that taigas are found all over the world. the taiga is prone to wildfires the tiaga covers 11% of the earth the worlds oldest trees are found in the taiga. food chains are super important to the environment the taiga has less plants and animals than most other biomes because of cold temperatures decomposition is slow in the taiga there are 32,000 species of insects in the taiga. Predators
mink large herbivores
moose omnivore ravens decomposers sow bug honey fungus herbivores squirrels snowshoe hare voles rabbit Producers
Balsam Fir
Red Cedar
Black Spruce Tree
Ferns carnivors owls wolverine wood pecker hawk snake bear Consumers
Moose Humans are an invasive species due to their logging/cutting trees which are a vital part of the taiga environment. One species that has adapted to the environment is the Cow Moose. It eats plant shoots and water plants in the spring so it can thin fur and fat layers to keep cool in the high temperatures. When winter approaches, it begins to eat conifer branches and berries to grow a thicker winter coat and increase fat layers to protect them in the harsh cold temperatures and winds.
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