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Stockholm Syndrome

No description

bri arreguin-malloy

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome By
Bri Arreguin-Malloy, Stacie Tomlin-Brown, and Michelle Do Examples Videos Works Cited Page Norrmalmstorg Bank Robbery Beauty and the Beast How does Stockholm Syndrome occur? What are related disorders/symptoms? **First a person is held captive against their will by a person who threatens to kill them.
**Now he/she is abused verbally, physically, and/or sexually.
**The captor is in control and anything can happen. He/she could be killed or the people they loved harmed so the only choice is obedience.
**As he/she tries to survive they learn things about their captor getting closer to them.
**A small act of kindness from the captor makes he/she see them in a better light and they cling to that glimpse of hope.
**Now the captor seams less threatening and he/she sees the captor as her friend or protector and that they can help one another. (coping method for stress) **PTSD

**General irritability
**Difficulty concentrating
**Easily startled
**Feelings of unreality or confusion
**Loss of interest of pastimes
**Increased distrust
**Flashbacks Who is more susceptible? **Belle is captured after the Beast releases her father
**The Beast keeps Belle from eating and yells at her
**Belle fears the Beasts' temper
**Belle runs away but then the Beast saves her from wolves and gets injure. Belle helps nurse the Beast back to health
**The Beast and Belle become much more friendly with each other and the Beast shows Belle his library
**Belle sees a softer side of the Beast when they dance in the ballroom and when he feeds birds with her Summer of 1973, four hostages were held for 6 days in the bank's vault
Jan Olsson demanded guns, bullet-proof vests, fast car, $3million, and Clark Olofsson
Captives refused and were upset with the police
Even after being threaten, gas was used to drive the robbers out
Clark was free of charge, Jan sentenced for 10 years
Captives set up funds to pay for Jan's defense Approximately 27% of all victims actually exhibit signs of Stockholm syndrome
Both male and females could be potential hostages and victims, however women are much more likely to be the victim of sexual violence
There is also a tendency for women to romanticize the attachment, almost normalizing it to themselves Stockholm syndrome. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome- cause, symtoms,treatments. (2011, Sept 5). Retrieved from http://www.primehealthchannel.com/stockholm-syndrome-causes-symptoms-cases-and-treatment.html

Layton, J. (n.d.). What causes stockholm syndrome. Retrieved from http://health.howstuffworks.com/mental-health/mental-disorders/stockholm-syndrome1.htm

Sinclair, J. (n.d.). The name is bond. Retrieved from http://www.nurturingpotential.net/Issue13/Name is Bond.htm ***Comedy hour*** Who discovered/named Stockholm Syndrome? Nils Bejerot, a medical professor who specialized in addiction research and served as a psychiatric consultant to the Swedish police What are some treatments? *Similar to PTSD
*Support from family/friends
*Medication used for sleep terror
*Prognosis: Really good, takes time
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