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Spencer Ogden 2013 - Presentation

Presentation Jan. 17th 2013

Olivia Espy

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Spencer Ogden 2013 - Presentation

Exploration maybe the essence of the human soul, but it is also damn lucrative Subsurface - G&G Economic/Market Analysis Story so far (2012) ... 2013 Game Plan! economic markets are still sluggish Strengths SWOT Analysis Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Exploration is KEY Exploration Focused = Geo Focused Division in career path mid-career Give with one hand, take with the other Candidates low oil price, abismal natural gas price demand for energy (oil) inelastic regional conflict and instability projects require long lead times if global economic growth stalls... exploration will be halted or conflict threatens supply... First IN = First OUT if political policy regarding opperations and responsabilities... if advances are made in energy effeciency... if alternative/renewable energy sources become economically viable... Noble - New Ventures Team
51K deal value there is enormous potential for the G&G market Skill Gap! There just aren't that many qualified candidates in the market highly technical market - sniper approach Clients avg. deal size = 45k avg. deal frequency: 1 per month no seriously, forecasted billing potential aprox. 450k Big Fish Fish Fing Minnows Murphy Nexen BHP Hess Marathon HRT America Cobalt Apache Noble Leopard Energy Panatlantic Exploration Potential Fish ENI Anadarko ConocoPhillps Maersk Kosmos Ecopetrol
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